Joker – A Spoiler Free Review

Disclaimer: This article is purely based on a personal opinion, without intended offence to anyone.
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With Heath Ledger shaking up the audience 11 years ago with his brilliant performance as The Joker in Batman : The Dark Knight and the general audience and critics calling his portrayal of the Clown Price of Crime as the best ever (and rightly so), the other performances of the legendary DC Character by stars past and present failed to make as big of an impact as Heath Ledger’s Joker did. Or till Joker – the Standalone origin story of the Jester of Genocide where the titular character portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix hit the screens of India on 2nd October, 2019.

A mixture of various different genres, namely Action, Drama, Psychological Thriller and Crime the movie could not have been any better and it does complete justice to the #1 comic book villain of all time. Even though a lot of people initially never wanted a backstory of the character as it added to the mystery, their perception would certainly change upon feasting their eyes upon this masterpiece.

Put together by Director Todd Phillips and portrayed perfectly by Joaquin Phoenix in every angle possible, it doesn’t matter if you are not a comic book fan or don’t like DC movies, this movie is simply brilliant and does not need knowledge of other DC movies. Garnering a 9.4 on IMDb by the 2nd day of release and getting a standing ovation at the end of the first movie screening at the Venice Film Festival, the dark and twisted movie certainly deserves it. Even though a few people are actually complaining about the movie being “Dark and Disturbing”, I personally have no clue as to what they were actually expecting to see in the origin story of one of the darkest villains of all time.

Joaquin Phoenix spent a long eight months exploring into the life of the titular character – Arthur Fleck, a failed stand up comedian slowly but surely ends up being the archenemy of Batman with every step of his life. Throughout the movie you can feel the anger, violence and the pain that the character has to go through simply because the world failed to accept him for who he is and by the end of the story, you will have no choice but to love the very villain’s action that one would have if the villain was not the titular character of the movie.

Doesn’t matter if your budget is a bit low, save up and go to the hall to experience the movie, the price you pay to get to know the story of one of the most recognized villains over the world is nothing compared to the emotions you will go through by the time you finish the masterpiece.

At the time of writing the article on 3rd October 2019. the movie is being screened in Manipal at Inox : Manipal Central Cinemas and Bharat Cinemas.

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