Johnny English Reborn Review: 6/10

Johnny English Reborn
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Johnny English Reborn

 Synopsis: Johnny English is called back into MI7 to go up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.  IMDB

Review: It follows the tried and tested formula of Johnny English, slapstick humor, ineptitude and stupidity.  It works but only so much this time. The plot is predictable completely from the beginning.  Giving English a little more proficiency in martial arts I’d say works against the whole bumbling fool that he should be implying.  

There are “some” extremely funny moments.  The mind control scene was one of the best parts of the movie.  The entire audience was in fits of laughter.  Few parts in the where you know what’s coming but it’s still hilarious to watch.  Beyond this the humor was just there.  Quite a few times you’re laughing without knowing exactly why and what was funny.  

With respect to Bond gadgets..there are sadly very few.  The Rolls though is just breathtaking.  

I would make a note on the acting, but considering the only one who was into the role was Rowan Atkinson himself while the rest Gillian AndersonDominic WestRosamund Pike were nothing more then fluff.  No conviction or interest shown.  Daniel Kaluuya shown as his sidekick in the movie at least tries to act the part.  But that’s where it ends.  I wasn’t happy with the new direction by Oliver Parker at all.  He couldn’t fire the spark of interest / goofiness that was needed in such a movie. 

I might point out here that I watched this movie a few hours after the spectacular Real Steel as such my standard’s were perhaps in a higher level.  Had I not watched that first, I most certainly might have given this a slightly higher rating.

But for now as it stands Johnny English, the buffoon for the Toshiba British Intelligence is only slightly reborn and more likely just rebranded and extended.  Immature and amusing enough to deserve a watch.  Which is the reason we went to see Johnny English anyway isn’t it?






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