Jodha Akbar: All fiction or genuine

Is it all fiction or genuine?? Inspired by true incidents or just a matter of entertainment? Real life or reel life?

When these days there are television shows based on renowned historians like “Jodha Akbar”; are they a source of mere entertainment or an authentic lifestyle they had..What is factual and what is fake?? Isn’t this the question sprouting in your mind when you are watching these serials. The sumptuous palaces, the actresses exhibiting the traditional jewels, or the actors flaunting their strength, may create a dilemma what to believe and what not to trust!!Jodha-Akbar

“With lavish sets, ensemble cast and the required grandeur that accompanies a historical, the show is drawing a lot of curiosity. The achievement of detailing in the look and feel of the times Jodha and Akbar lived in, was the result of painstaking research. The entire unit travelled to Jaipur and Jodhpur, researching different looks for each character. The how will trace the journey of a young warrior on his way to becoming an emperor and how he falls in love with a Rajput princess. The lead stars underwent special training in horse riding, sword fights and martial arts to prepare for the characters.” (during the show promotion)

And the true story reveals :

Akbar was the third and greatest ruler of the Mughal Dynasty in India. To unify the vast Mughal state, Akbar established a centralised system of administration throughout his empire and adopted a policy of conciliating conquered rulers through marriage and diplomacy. During his rule, the Mughal empire tripled in size and wealth.

And regarding the certainty of Rajput Princess “Rajkumari Hira Kunwari” (Jodha Bai):

Tuzk-e-Jahangiri, the autobiography of Jahangir, doesn’t mention Jodha Bai . Neither the Akbarnama (a biography of Akbar commissioned by Akbar himself), nor any historical text from the period refer to her as Jodha Bai. “These books were written in Persian and there is no mention of Queen Jodhabai. There is no proof of her in history,” says Dr S M Azizuddin Hussain, history teacher at the Department of History, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi . Her name as in Mughal chronicles was Mariam-uz-Zamani (Mary of her age) . This is why the mosque of Mariyam Zamani Begum was constructed in The Walled City Of Lahore, present day Pakistan, by her son Jahangir.

As to the conclusion, “Every one has been curious to know the romance between Akbar and Jodha which is intriguing. People want to learn lessons from historical stories and shows, and connect them with real incidents in their own life. That is one of the important reasons why historical shows find a bond with the audiences.

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