Jobs to Jagjit


The last 5 days probably witnessed the very unwanted and painful end of two great eras. One was the i-Era with the death of great entrepreneur and visionary, Steven Paul Jobs and the other was the end of the era of Golden ghazals with the passing away of great Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh. Both of them had left us with their extraordinary vision and creations. So, I would like to mention something about both of them that just makes me to look inside me and make me  try to change myself…

The lesson that I learned from the Apple man is to take positive out of every difficult time, no matter how bad is the phase you are going through. He never looked back in his life. Even when he was fired from his own company, he stood up again started another firm and made a tremendous comeback in Apple.

He once said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” and he lived up to it.

Now what the great singer Jagjit Singh and his creations taught me is to get the dedication for my work or for anything I do. For achieving all the fame and success he went through great hardships and difficulties but he never gave up. A line from his famous ghazal  says –

“Rekhaon ka khel hai Mukkaddar(fate), Rekhaon se maat kha rahe ho….”

But I believe that the man defeated all the bad luck that came in his life by standing against it each time with full DETERMINATION


PS – I would love to listen to a few ghazals on my iPod anytime…. RIP Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh

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