Its my brain – not a TeraByte capacity memory disk!!

Roger Federer serving in a match against Marat...Image via WikipediaI have been a great admirer of the tennis legend Roger Federer, who apparently doesn’t feel shy to openly express his emotions in front of the whole world as I read in the newspaper today. Motivated by his character, I thought let me also unload bucket full of my feelings in front of my small little blog world. I am quite overwhelmed with the amount of study I am confronting. Ever increasing wealth of information and extreme volatility of the subject pharmacology, are testing the capacity of my gyri and sulci. Easy to guess, I have an exam due on this Saturday and the course material is the vastest of all the sessionals we had before. Plus being a final yr MD PG we are expected to know lot more than we actually do!! I wish my brain had the capacity to store information whenever given in whichever format and processing part could be done later, precisely the way computers work. I even tried that- just to store info and process it a week later. But a pop-up window appeared in front of my eyes which spelled – the file you are asking for does not exist anymore – !! Quite expected. N number of such experiences I have had, but contrary to other experiences this one is not a good teacher!! For everyone I suppose. But you know, even after you process the data and make your own zip files (may be notes or flash cards), its not uncommon to lose files. That discourages me sometimes.Related articles by Zemanta

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