Is the Manipal PO programme useful for freshers?

Are you aiming to get recruited as a probationary officer in the top banks? If yes, then the Manipal PO program can be the key to your dream. In 2018-2019 bank of Baroda did not recruit even a single candidate from IBPS PO 7. You might be facing difficulty in understanding the shift in the selection process as most of the candidates for the post of the probationary officer were selected last year through Manipal PO program. Let’s decode the reasons why various banks are opting for Manipal PO program in the place of IBPS PO.

Manipal PO program follows a rigorous selection process

The entire process of selection through Manipal PO program is very rigorous. The main reason behind this is that it includes in-depth group discussion and strenuous interview once you clear the written exam. Therefore it becomes essential that the students possess a very strong communication skill. Manipal PO program focuses on testing the communication skill of the aspirant as it’s the main trait of a successful banker.

The attrition rate is low

If you join any bank through Manipal PO program, you have to necessarily sign a bond for a minimum period of five years. This ensures that you are associated with the bank where you’re working for a longer time and don’t switch your job until your contract period of service. But if you still decide to leave your job, you get entitled to pay a considerable sum of compensation amount to the bank. This also ensures that the officers impart their service to the bank after the rigorous training that they are offered.

The rigorous training that guarantees optimum performance

If you get selected through Manipal PO program, specialized training of one year is offered to polish your banking skills before you start working in the bank and assist the people regarding the services provided by the bank. During this training period, the officers that are selected are offered both classrooms as well as theoretical training in the branch of the bank. This, in turn, means that the bank gets to appoint a trained office who knows the various parameters to operate the bank in a channelized way.

Candidates have to go through a mandatory descriptive test

In Manipal PO program, all the aspirants have to necessarily pass a strenuous pattern of the descriptive analysis to get appointed by the bank on to your dream position. In this test, your capability of communicating extraordinarily through writing is analyzed. This is the primary reason as top banks are selecting the probationary officers through this program and not through IBPS PO. There is no descriptive test in IBPS PO selection process, which might leave a loophole in analyzing the candidate in the best manner.

The bank can easily extend education loan

During the entire training period at Manipal PO program, you can get an instant education loan at flexible ate from the bank to cover your entire course fees. This also enables the bank to increase its portfolio of credit without any hassle or exposure to any risk.

How is the Manipal PO program useful for freshers?

  • The entire program focuses on offering a balanced approach of inputs of knowledge, enhancing deep banking traits, and shaping the required behaviors to be a competent banker.
  • With thousands of real-life case study on sales, services, and compliances interwoven in the entire curriculum of the course, it becomes easy to enhance and develop the skill of the Probationary Officers. This further equips them to deliver maximum productivity from the first day of the work itself.
  • Innovative tools of pedagogy like Co-teaching ae used to strengthen the overall learning experience of all the trainees.
  • The extensive training imparts skills and knowledge in the core areas of banking like banking processes, systems, products, compliance, regulations and other frameworks that are a must in the day to day functioning of the bank.
  • Experts from the foreign Universities train the faculties for the innovative insemination of knowledge. The experts from the bank also train the faculties so that they can effectively teach the aspirants.

Manipal PO program mainly aims at offering practical training to a fresher to accomplish his banking skills for maximum performance as a competent banker. The rigorous training that you get if you get selected through this program makes you ready for future challenges that you might have to face as a banker. This is the most evident reason why banks too are opting for the mode of recruitment through Manipal PO program. So nail this exam by giving your best efforts and fill the form. The last date to submit your application is last week of March 2020. So hurry up and give your best shot!

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