Is Manipal University ICAS program good?

There is a consistent debate regarding the topic: Is the ICAS program good at all? You will find generally mixed reviews and answers related to the topic. However, we are here actually to provide cogent reasoning. It will help you determine whether this platform is for you (or your child) or not.

ICAS stands for International Center For Applied Sciences. It is an engineering-based program in which a student can apply after completing two years of graduation, to study abroad. The program caught popularity due to the ease of getting access to foreign educations. Over 100 colleges are affiliated with the program, spreading in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and so on. Hence, it gives students the availability of options to choose from.

Here, we will cover positive as well as negative aspects to help you form the crucial decision for the sake of your future.

International Standards and Exposure

ICAS is a great way to enter the international industry. You will receive an international level of education with qualified teachers. There will be various kinds of students from different backgrounds. Thus, you will have the option to explore diversity. You will learn great things about various cultures and people. Your degree will automatically attain international value, which opens a gateway to prospects. You are eligible to use the degree in any part of the world with minimal problems.

Might prove challenging to adapt to

However, it is also true that ‘international’ does not necessarily mean great. The education system there might provide to be inconvenient to adapt to. Credit scores may vary. There is a possibility of lagging in receiving a quality education. The first two years of college are vital for forming a sustainable relationship with peers and teachers. A student after exchange may have to work hard to build that connection in a new environment. Hence, the feeling of being completely alone is inevitable.

Top Universities and Prospects

There are many prestigious or valued universities affiliated with the program. It will be easier to enroll there with the ICAS program, rather than attempting to apply on your own. Thus, ICAS is a great way to secure your position in these universities. It will look good on your degree and also encompass rich experience and learning. As it is Manipal University, embrace yourself for fantastic living space, luxurious places, and parties. It will be a life changing experience.

Easy to change the stream

In India, we don’t have the flexibility to change our stream from one field to another. Once we pick a stream at the start, or by the second year, there is no turning back. No matter how much you may regret it, you can’t change it. There is no way to expand your horizons and get honors. However, with ICAS, you may change the stream while enrolling in the university. It is legitimate, and your degree will retain the value. Hence, you can potentially grow dual proficiency with the flexibility of a stream changing system.

Still costly compared to national education

In the end, if you never planned on going to another country for studies, don’t. Because you are not prepared mentally and financially. Foreign education is bound to dig a hole in the pocket. ICAS has indeed made foreign education 40% less costly. However, it is still costly compared to the national level of education. Living in a new place, a new country, and affording all the leisures is not as feasible as pursuing it in India.

Saves rigorous procedure for standard international education

However, if you always wanted to go to foreign for studies, it is a fantastic platform. Because you are saving yourself from rigorous tasks fo applying and qualifying for visas. Additionally, you don’t have to apply to several universities and spend a lot of money just to get rejected. With flexible systems of countries like Australia, it will be a piece of cake. It is also fairly easy to qualify for the ICAS program at Manipal University. Thus, it is an excellent place for anyone who wanted to go abroad for studies.

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