Industrial and Production Engineering at MIT Manipal

Industrial Engineering is also known as Operations management, Production Engineering, or Manufacturing Engineering
Industrial Engineering is also known as Operations management, Production Engineering, or Manufacturing Engineering

A typical under-graduate course on Industrial & Production engineering emphasises on manufacturing and improvement of productivity. A good and updated course on industrial and production engineering makes a student smart enough to understand existing technological trends and adding new technology to the existing system to make it at par with the recent trends.

What do Industrial Engineers do?

Industrial engineers (IEs) apply science, mathematics, and engineering methods to complex system integration and operations. Because these systems are so large and complex, IEs need to have knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplines, the ability to work well with people, and a broad, systems perspective. IE’s  use their knowledge and skills to improve systematic processes by statistical analysis, interpersonal communication, design, planning, quality control, operations management, computer simulation, and problem solving.

Subjects Related to your Branch in First Year

In your first year of engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology, you will be dealing with three subjects related to your branch which is your base to the core study of your further studies in Industrial & Production Engineering.

One of them is Engineering Graphics which is a technical drawing, more than just the drawing of pictures, it is also a language—a graphical language that communicates ideas and information from one mind to another. Most especially, it communicates all needed information from the engineer who designed a part to the workers who will make it. The study of this subject helps in Machine Drawing in the further semester of your engineering.

The second subject that you will learn in the first year related to your branch is Mechanical Engineering Science which deals with basics related to mechanics like Machine Tools, Drilling, Welding and Properties of Engines and Steam which will help you with Theory of machines and machine tool operations in the further semester.

The third subject related to your branch will be Basic Workshop Practice which deals with some basic operations carried out in the workshop and you will learn to do most of the workshop operations like Drilling, Filing, Wood Cutting, Assemble – Disassemble, Sheet metal work and workshop is the heart of Industrial Engineers as you will be spending a lot of time in different types of workshop. This can be backbreaking work and you can be sure to need lots of patience. Here’s an everlast welder review that can help your choice easier.

About the Mechanical & Manufacturing Department (MIT Manipal)

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, established in the year 1960, offers 5 Under Graduate (B.E) courses and 4 Post Graduate (M. Tech) programs. The departmental faculty consists of learned teachers who are constantly engaged in undertaking research work of original nature and later publications. Many of the members of the faculty have earned to their credit quite a number of praiseworthy research papers published in the national and international journals of repute.

The department provides ample laboratory facilities and hands-on training to the Undergraduate students both in the conventional subject as also in the emerging fields of specialization.  The department has sprawling workshop situated on a 30000 sq ft area comprising of machine shop, foundry, smithy, sheet metal, plumbing, welding, fitting and carpentry.

The department has recently tied up with Ashok India Limited, Bangalore to conduct exclusive BS programs in Mechanical engineering. The department has well established CAD/CAM laboratory with state of the art hardware and software.

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