India’s #SelfieWithDaughter not #NaMo’s…

I love reading blogs on ManipalBlog and presenting the contrarian view. So there was this well written blog post recently about #selfiewithdaughter and child marriage. I guess it is indeed ironical that we still see girls being married off at such a young age even as journos hyperventilate about misogyny on primetime and sex is no longer TABOO.  Even though the author had no grouse against the PM’s impromptu mention of the #selfiewithdaughter campaign, it has been derided by the usual feminist, good for nothing jholawalas as a useless bordering on MISOGYNY campaign.MODI_CHILDREN_SELF_2407621g

Lets get the facts straight on the campaign:

1) Started by a panchayat in JIND, Haryana…psss….dont go scurrying to google maps… it’s a district in Haryana not very far from the our very own hip Dilli.

2) It was meant to be a way of showing that you could be proud of your daughters in a region where brides are BOUGHT from impoverished eastern states as sex-ratios have plummeted.

3) It had been lapped up by the same rabid feminist organizations before the PM touched it.

People lets not be a self-flagellating society where the visceral dislike of one man should put all such initiatives in the basket case of MISOGYNY. Yes, according to some feminists who have a white skin the very concept of selfie is a reflection of the societal pressure on women to look good and only look good; I have no doubt that was not the least of the intended purpose of this campaign.

Like I always say there are good and bad people around. As a pediatrician even as you call the parents to see the newborns it is amazing how happy some folks are irrespective of the gender. I believe these are the sort of people who will back such campaigns. As for the naysayers, fake feminists and narrow-minded jholawalas nothing ever is commendable if emanating from 7 RCR’s current occupant.

Yes gender equality is a mirage in this country but then lets not blame it on a cute selfie or a man who has barely been in office for a year. He at least can call a spade a spade; that’s what it might take to address this diverse nation’s myriad problems.

Note: Gosh I love the word Misogyny… use the word and u are a grade A revisionist, feminist… or whatever you may like to be perceived as.

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