Indian Ocean Band at KMC Greens Manipal: A Photo Story

Lead Guitarist and Vocals - Rahul Ram was a 'Performer'

The Indian Ocean, an awesome Indian-fusion band, performed at 012 in KMC greens. The music was a hit with the 800+ strong crowd treated to some beautiful music. The band connected well with the audience , their performance was truly memorable and they played most of their popular songs such as Ma rewa, Kandisa, Bandeh… Their lyrics are from different (mostly obscure!) Indian languages most of which are based on folklore. Add a touch of Indian classical and percussion (tabla) to catchy lyrics with a lot of acoustic and bass guitar and drumming and you get a fantastic Indian fusion song!

Himanshu Joshi the lead vocalist for the band ...


On the Tabla, Tuheen Chakravarty kept tune with the guitars …
Guitarist and Vocals – Rahul Ram was The ‘Performer’

Rahul Ram is Logic Baba, the guru of rationality, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly – this despite his head-banging extrovert party-animal attitude to life and hair-styles.

Rahul Ram cracked many good jokes and connected with audience.
The play of light was matching the tunes of the Band.
Himanshu Joshi… in a moment of pure bliss . ..
 Susmit Sen Co-founder of the Band and Acoustic/Lead Guitar kept the audience enthralled with his skilled fingers running around and almost trasparent guitar!

Susmit has virtually invented a new style of playing the guitar – an uncannily Indian sound where purity of scale reigns, strong melodic lines woven around the drone of open strings. This guitar sound forms the basis of Indian Ocean’s unique sound.

Rahul Ram presented the Indian Ocean T-Shirt
Rays were dancing on the performance of Band
Melodious performance by drum player Amit Kilam on flute, later he also played Gabjubi and jammed with Guitar and Tabla
The band players jammed with each other on different instruments
The band asked to remove barriers and come in front irrespective of the ticket category which was cheered by everyone. Later it was made open for all.
Amit Kilam on DrumSet. A versatile performer who also played Bajuba and flute later.
The show ended with introduction to the Band Members.

The show ended with introduction to the Band Members. Rahul Ram added that it was the band’s dream to perform in Manipal for for last 8 years and it will not be the last time. Indian Ocean’s music defies genre and paradigm. It is an experience by itself and the very essence of this experience is the live performance.

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012 Photos by Sonal Kashyap.

012 photos by Mahesh Mayuur.


  1. Please get your facts right

    Susmit Sen’s guitar is not ”
    almost trasparent”, its a yamaha silent guitarWhat Amit Kilam played later is definitely not a flute, maybe a recorder.

    • thank u for providing the fact but what you saying about guitar is technical part and calling it transparent is in literal sense.

      ps. would have appreciated more if you have presented some name than “know it all”.

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