Important Things to Know if You Want to Apply for Australian Green Card

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Australia is a beautiful place to work and live in. Especially those big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, which offer so many possibilities. However, applying for the Australian Green Card is not that easy at all. Here are the most important things you have to know before becoming an Australian citizen.

Permanent visas and citizenship

Permanent visas allow you and your family members to stay in Australia indefinitely. You will be able to apply for citizenship, to sponsor eligible relatives, to travel to and from Australia for five years, and to get healthcare insurance. Before that, you will have to meet age requirements, set amount of work experience, and pass English tests. Hence, you might need online PTE classes and coaching to prepare for those application tests. Once you have a permanent residence, you’ll be able to apply for Australian citizenship. It will give you multiple benefits – to vote, apply for a passport, register children as Australian citizens, work in the public service, etc.

Renting or buying a home

Renting a property is not cheap in Australia. The market is stable and at very high prices. Landlords are not permitted to rent their property if a tenant didn’t see it first. It is recommended to save some time in the first week or two to find a suitable place to live. Buying a house is another option. Prices are changing per region. Even though the market is still overheated, property prices are usually stable. When choosing a location for your new home, whether you rent or buy a house, you have to consider several things. For families, schools should be one of the primary factors. Your workplace is also essential, as well as all the necessary documentation – photo ID, proof of current employment, Australian bank account, etc.Australian Flag

What are the most popular cities?

Sydney is, of course, the largest and the most popular city in Australia. It offers a massive social and cultural life, with so many lovely beaches, restaurants, and national parks. Melbourne might be the best place if you want to work in sectors such as finance, insurance or manufacturing. It has a vibrant cultural scene, as well. However, the weather is constantly changing, that’s why people call it “four seasons in one day”. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, and it is the third most populous city. It is full of beautiful beaches, which makes it perfect for sunshine and surfing. Finally, Cairns offers life in the tropics. Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the most famous places in Australia, is located right next to Cairns.

Finding a job

The employment market in Australia has changed in recent years. Therefore, it should be wise to do a lot of research and find a job before doing anything else. In the end, applying for a visa is impossible without a job offer lined up in advance. There are many recruitment agencies in Australia where you can seek help. They can help you find a job in various industries. You can also search online before you even come to Australia. Research those commercial job sites, and see if there is anything suitable for you. However, you should keep in mind that the market is very competitive, and in many industries, employers will expect from you to make a significant contribution to their business.

Costs of living

Before you even decide on moving to Australia, you will have to consider if you are able (want) to afford the expenses of move and life there. First of all, you will have to pay for your visa and airfare, unless you have a deal with your employer. Shipping of all your belongings is also expensive. When it comes to everyday life, costs vary depending on the city you choose. However, groceries and electricity costs are costly, and you should keep that in mind. Finally, you should open your bank account immediately since you will need it for your job anyways. You’ll also need a tax file number (TFN).

Living and working in Australia is a wish for many people worldwide. However, you should do it right. Check all these steps again, and think about each of them, before you start applying for your green card.

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