If Manipal were a country – A Facebook Post that went Viral!!

One Last Time?!

Country : Manipal
Capital : Dee tee
Currency : Dairy Milk Shots
National Game : Umbrella Management
National Animal: Manipal Bug
National Threat : Crows at Shenoy’s
National Food : Anything under Rs 75 with free home delivery.
National Frustration : Classes during Saturday second-half
National Tourist Spot : End point
National Mystery : Department of Commerce (DOC)
National Futility : Rules
National Brand : Nandini
National Liability : Auto Fares
National Ignorance : Kannada
National Monument : Manipal.edu building
National Getaway : Malpe
National Unity : During Power cuts
National Stupidity : ManU Fanaticism
National Arch-rival : Sikkim
National Ally : Mangalore
National Pride : [CENSORED]

This post is co-authored by Vikram Tomar and Vijay VK.

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