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Yup, this is the general habit or the most common phrase used by most of us (including me), whether it is for cleaning up your messed room, buying a commodity for daily use (without which we can manage for some more days) and most importantly if it is about studying, we always have one tomorrow.

In my daily routine, I come across lots n lots of things which I prefer to leave on tomorrow. May be because the place is manipal and I dont want to waste most of my time in all these crappy (but essential things.) I dont know the exact reason. Maybe I have became too lazy but this makes me wonder that where this laziness goes when someone invites me to KC,Deetee,TC or any other places visited by every MANIPALITE. Hope I’ll get the answer soon. Till then HAPPY LAZINESS….
I think the picture is trying to advice something…leave it I’ll see to it tomorrow.. 😉

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