i, the letter…

In a world of curiosity,

Without any “curiousness”,

There wouldn’t be any,

Questioning her blemishes.


For it is only with wit and mastery,

That all shines bright and shimmery,

Be it what the Vulpex tries to say,

In a language only he can convey.


But riddle me this and answer,

Turn on all your brain and jump into thought,

Why is it when ‘I’ am tall and alone I am capped,

But in company all that’s over me… is a DOT!!


Is this mockery of some sort?

A muse or some sort of game?

Look me in my Cyclops eye and tell,

Why am I put through this shame?


But all can be forgiven,

All can be forgot,

Why fret over,

A tiny little blot?


This day I change everything,

By paper and pen’s might,

To amend that which is wrong,

And set this affair right!


Dear All:

My neighbor and I have decided,

That this situation may be misguided,

So we all needn’t be divided,

On the aforementioned “wrongness”- PROVIDED!

-The old regulations be pardoned.

-Forgotten be all that hath happened.

-And every ‘i’ and every ‘j’

Be followed by a “wi’nk” j’ust to say we’re okay….


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