I love you! Come let’s Sleep!!

‘Yes you, stand up!’ A faint voice fell into my ears and I heard my bench-mate whispering, ‘Ankita, wake up.. Ankita, Ankita, utho jaldi!’

On a windy night, driving my Porsche @100kph, passing through the woods full of oak, eucalyptus and pine, I could feel the cool breeze kissing my face. Definitely it was one of the best rides I ever had. No wonder there are just few things in life that makes you feel like ‘Heaven on Earth’- Sleeping in your mother’s lap when you are tired, your lover’s arm when you feel alone and sleeping with your eyes wide open when the teacher is staring at you.  This is exactly what happened to me that day. Sir calling my name repeatedly and asking some Virology question and I just kept on staring at him with thoughts of some third world.

My 10 minutes of beauty sleep would have completed a quarter if he didn’t wake me up from my sweetest dream. I somehow managed to stand but couldn’t understand a single question he asked me, say due to my absent-mindedness or my forgetfulness. Both being 110% true. He kept staring at me, but now with angry looks. Those beams of anger struck me so hard that I woke up completely in the next 20 seconds. No wonder these professors carry their monster looks for years and manage to maintain it till their funeral.

Gone are the days when I used ‘not to’ sleep with my eyes wide open. My friends say my eyes can undoubtedly be compared with an owl’s eyes. As a matter of fact I somehow managed to answer that question that hit me like an arrow. But I ask you what’s wrong in taking a nap-cum-beauty sleep for a few minutes. It is very important, isn’t it? That 20-volts charger would be futile, if there’s no adapter attached to it. True!

Beauty sleep acts just like an adapter that helps you maintain a pace and charges you up for those long-long days. Beauty sleep is real, it’s free, and it makes you feel fresh. You’ve probably already noticed that when you skimp on sleep, it shows on your face. Tired skin sags, bags, and loses its luster. A nap of at least an hour is essential for your body to regain its power, your hormones to reach the required level, brain to complete the ‘Papez Circuit’ and lots more than you can imagine.

“Your skin, and your whole body, goes into repair mode when you sleep,” says Day, who wrote the book Forget the Facelift.

The British Medical Journal mentions: “Sleep deprived people are perceived as less attractive, less healthy and more tired compared with when they are well rested.”

So guys and their pretty girls, improve your memory and get a natural shine on your face just by sleeping (your favorite past-time!). Sleep tight but not in the class obviously.


This is your Beauty Expert signing-off!


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