I am a Blogger

On a Monday morning or a Saturday night
Tagged fiction, a truth I write
Edit it again for the grammar freak
Though beyond communication a higher cause I seek
Sometimes feel afraid before hitting publish
Think to them my story might be gibberish
But click it nonetheless the next second

Gamble my jot, the faith I put in
It’s not something huge but it’s my own
But it stays there unread all alone
After days someone makes a comment
Says “Get it off this is old trend”
I wet my eyes and I sign off my account
A mood grips me and sadness starts to mount
I go out drink my coffee with real world friends
They try to cheer me up hold my hands
I preserve the feeling come home with it
Become the punching bag which thoughts hit
When I can’t take it any longer I start typing
Edit some lines hide some feelings
I am a blogger, don’t know where I am heading
I am posting though no one is reading

On Monday morning or Saturday night
Tagged fiction,a truth I write


  1. Nice and smooth, the anguish of a blogger. The first of the type I am coming across. 😛 Good one Vikram!

  2. Thanks Sreyoshi and Doc. Though I have come across such compositions where the singer or story teller tells his own story. And afterall we express the feelings of so many social classes so we deserve one for ourselves 😉

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