The Hunt for Delicacies !

Come Sunday and we become desperate to do some creative stuff! And by that i mean doing something outside the campus. Generally we make a trip to nearby tourist attractions but due to the rains we had to stay in Manipal.

So the other past time is food. It just so happened that Jwalith had received a huge parcel from home and we decided to hunt it down! Notice the crazy grin on this guys face! Yes he is up to a lot of mischief and he is radiating a crazy aura of light! We have just decided to ransack the place! Yes! Break open that piece of metal that stands between us and glory!( Or rather food).
By the way this is Prabhav’s room on the first floor. Look how it looks as though a storm has hit the place! That’s because he is a man of perennial motion (i.e too lazy to move) and contrast it with my room , pictures of which i have posted earlier. Pay dirt! Finally the stuff we were looking for! God look at all the heavenly stuff here! Man this is what heaven must look like! A sight for sore eyes (or rather, the grumbling stomach). And later my room partner joined in the fun! Look at the guilty face! He did not know that the food did not belong to us and he has just come to know that we were doing something perfectly legal!

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