How and Why to Become Betting Affiliates of 1xBet

1xBet Betting Affiliate

Most major bookmakers are offering affiliate programs in order to persuade webmasters of different websites to promote the sportsbook in question. 1xBet is one of the largest companies in this realm. It offers a wide range of interesting and attractive partnership programs that can engage a lot of people to become one of betting affiliates of 1xBet. Here it will be explained how and why webmasters looking for increased revenue should seriously consider this possibility.

What webmasters must do is quite simple. If they decide to become part of one of the affiliate programs of the bookmaker, they are expected to put up a banner that will redirect people to 1xBet. Depending on the kind of deal signed between the sportsbook and the affiliate, the affiliate will receive additional income in different forms.

The process of becoming an affiliate is quite easy. For doing this, people must simply visit the website of 1xBet. Inside its affiliates subsection, it will be possible to find the contact options that those interested in becoming part of these programs can use. After deciding to become a 1xBet affiliate, people can get in contact with a representative from the sportsbook and discuss the different kinds of deals and options available.

Why should people consider becoming a 1xBet affiliate?

Having explained the “how” part, let’s speak a bit about the “why” aspect. There are many reasons why people should consider becoming one of 1xBet betting affiliates of the sportsbook. Some of them are detailed below:

  • 1xBet is one of the largest and most famous bookmakers in the market, meaning that there is an increased chance that people will click on an 1xBet banner than in one of any other sportsbook;
  • the portal has a great catalogue of casino games and sports betting options, meaning that many people, regardless of their favorite sport or casino game, will feel attracted to the site;
  • the bookmaker offers different kinds of deals, including rev-share, CPA and others;
  • and also, the payments that affiliates can receive are quite attractive!

Of course, there is a set of terms and conditions that all affiliates are expected to follow. However, as it is the case with every aspect of 1xBet, they are very easy to understand. Also, potential affiliates will realize that these conditions are far more convenient than what any other sportsbook can currently offer.

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