How to prepare for Math Olympiad

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Do you want to appear in Math Olympiad and score well in it? Then you should learn how to work smart not hard. In order to hit exam scores with ease, you should adopt the right approach, attitude and methods of problem-solving. If you are preparing for the Olympiad, your fundamental math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication should be strong and quick. You need to practice higher-level math skills. Here, we have designed a list of useful tricks to improve your preparation skills. Let’s start,

Understand your Syllabus

The Math Olympiad Syllabus is vast and the questions will come from a range of different topics. It is an obvious tip to understand each topic and allow your time to understand the concept. The syllabus of the Math Olympiad is divided into four sections – Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics and Archiver sections. So, don’t wait for the right time to start the preparations. Remember, the sooner you start, the better sense you will have of the concepts.

Understand the Level of Difficulties

Never under or overestimate the syllabus of Maths Olympiad, it is more than the school level examinations. Understanding and Learning each topic with deep theoretical and practical knowledge is a necessity. The questions are designed are extremely difficult so, learning more about each topic and gaining more insights into it will surely help you in good preparation for the Olympiad. You can also check the pattern of the past year’s sample papers to get a knowledge of what you will have to face in the exams.

Visit Olympiad Website

Visiting Olympiad Website will help you to know about the changes, whats and when of the Math Olympiad. You can check the official website:

Study Material

Studying your school mathematics book is not enough. You need a book related to SOF IMO, Sample Question Papers and an Online Portal to appear for the mock test. The books and other sources you choose must cover all the content and topic relevant to the Olympiad syllabus.

Make the Internet your Friend

No doubt, if you use the Internet in the best way possible for your preparation you will find an easy way to get the information, techniques and solutions for your problems. There are many YouTube channels and other Websites available for all your problems.

Time Management

Time management is the main component in the preparation for the Math Olympiad. Preparations can only be fruitful if you are relying on the right time management. You must develop a timetable and divide it to practice all the topics to cover the syllabus thoroughly. Each day of practice you spend on solving mathematical problems counts when you compete with others.

Stick to the Schedule

Motivation and dedication toward your goal will build fire within you to win and encourage you to perform well. Have the right approach and attitude and Stick to your timetable prepared for your Olympiad. Re-adjust your timetable if you find it difficult to cover any of your topics.

Lot of Practice

” Practice makes a man perfect “, Practice till you become perfect for your Math Olympiad. It holds great significance in the process of preparation. Focus on each question and exercise from the syllabus. The more practice you will do, the more perfection you will gain in the topics.

Do Mock Test

Practicing mock test provides a better perspective toward exams. Evaluating your current level of preparation help in focusing on your future preparation plans. Take Mock test to check your progress and to understand the strength and weakness in the subject. It will also prepare your mindset for the real Olympiad.

Track Yourself Daily

Preparations without a check will lead to nothing. It is important to track your progress day by day on how well you are preparing. To stay updated, plan your study time efficiently, so that you give sufficient time to practice, mock test and revision work.

Get a Teacher Support

Your teacher is the best resource form of information and they understand your strength and weaknesses well from teaching you. Take notes from your teacher’s advice and suggestion. Keep a separate note copy of your problems and get help by your teacher to excel in those.

Stay Positive and Relax

Taking stress will not help you in any way, it will only cloud your judgement. Find out what helps you relieve stress and remember its a exam. So don’t let the pressure play into your life. There is no reason to worry or feel anxious. Regular practice and motivation with the best online study material will escalate your level of concentration and confidence.

Discuss with Others

Everyone has special skills and calibre. Open yourself for discussion with other students you know who are appearing for Maths Olympiad. This help to exchange your learning and knowledge and also help to learn from other students.

Last Word

Math Olympiad supports your interest in math and improves your mathematical skills through competitions. The questions are appropriate for your age and are interesting and challenging. It provides a fair and accurate way of assessing your intelligence.

Remember if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Having a strong study plan is one of the most important aspects of preparation. Preparing for Math Olympiad is fun and it gives both immediate and long term rewards depending upon how serious you are about it. Ensure you are given enough time for regular Math Olympiad practice, stick to your timetable and plan with discipline. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular, a complete understanding of the Math Olympiad preparation is a must.

Our purpose here is to give you the right tips to help you explore the Math Olympiad.

You can refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Class 8 Previous Year Question Paper

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