Great Advantages of NEET Online Mock Tests

Neet Mock tests 2020

The level of competition in the medical field is increasing day-by-day. Several students across India are appearing for the NEET exam in 2020. However, there are only a handful of seats available in government medical colleges.

NEET is one of the toughest exams to crack in India, and the performance in this exam determines the college in which you would be able to secure a seat. To prepare better for the final exam, one can always take a NEET Online Mock Test that will help you evaluate your preparation.

This article discusses the NEET mock tests and how one can benefit from these tests.

What is NEET Mock Test?

A NEET mock test can be understood as a practice test that is designed to enhance the performance of the students. A mock test is created as per the exam pattern of the NEET exam so that the aspirants have a clear idea about the actual pattern of the exam.

Mock tests also give an idea about the marking scheme. It acts as a wake-up call for the aspirants who are looking to boost their confidence. The test gives a clear picture of the topics that you need to work on.

Since only a few weeks are left for NEET 2020, the best way to prepare for the NEET exam is by taking an online mock test. With the current pandemic, it’s best to practice in the safe environment of your home. Different Mock Test series are available online as well as through different coaching institutions to give you a familiarity with the actual exam.

Toppers suggest taking mock tests before the examination day as you get to know the exam pattern and understand new and tricky questions.

Advantages of NEET Mock Test

There are several benefits of taking a NEET online mock test. Some of the major advantages are as follows:

  1. Revision of Complete Syllabus: The aspirants can revise the whole syllabus of the NEET exam by taking up a mock test series. A NEET mock test enables one to revise the complete syllabus and helps in improving the weak areas. It allows one to revise the entire syllabus in a short amount of time.
  2. Self-Evaluation: A mock test makes it easier for the aspirants to self-evaluate themselves. This helps the aspirants in determining the sections or topics that they are weak in so that they can improve them.
  3. Clear Concepts: Before attempting the actual exam, the aspirants need to clear their basic concepts. One should clarify the concepts rather than only learning the concepts or formulas.
  4. Understanding the Pattern of the Exam: Attempting mock tests regularly helps the candidates get familiar with the NEET exam pattern. One is questioned in three subjects, i.e. Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  5. Increases the Confidence of the Students: Attempting and solving mock test series boosts the confidence of the aspirants. Although the students may get scared during the initial stage of the preparation, mock tests would help them regain their confidence.
  6. Free Mock Tests: There are several online portals as well as coaching institutions that provide free NEET mock tests to the students. The test series are designed by experts for the students who are looking to check their efficiency. Since many of such online might come free of cost, it is a good way for aspirants to find out the level of their preparation.
  7. Offer Accuracy and Fair Evaluation: Mock tests focus on evaluating the preparation of the aspirants by giving out the performance of the students in the test. Since such tests are marked automatically, there is generally no scope of partiality.
  8. Easy to Manage: For taking an online NEET mock test, one just has to login with a username and password. Also, since these tests automatically grade the students, one saves a lot of time and effort. Also, these mock tests can be accessed from any device, which further adds to the convenience.
  9. Instant Results: Previously, one had to wait for many days before getting the results of an exam. However, with online mock tests, one not only gets instant results but also saves on commuting time. This is quite useful for students as they need to dedicate a good amount of time for NEET preparation.
  10. Improves Time Management and Speed: Since mock tests help you familiarize yourself with the pattern of the exam, you are better able to manage your time while attempting an exam. Taking mock tests regularly helps in improving the speed and accuracy of a candidate.


As you can see above, there are several advantages to taking a NEET online mock test. Do not forget to take one if you are preparing for NEET.

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