How to Let off Steam After a Long Studying Session

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When you’re a student, the hardest part of your life is preparing for exams. Depending on the subjects you need to study for, you might have a harder time coping with all the vast information that you need to learn in a short period of time. And because you’re human, stress will eventually get to you if all you do is study and nothing else.

So to cope with this, you’ll need to spend the little free time you have wisely. Instead of going straight to sleep or just sitting in bed all day, you’re far better off engaging in sports and other activities that will stimulate both your body and mind. With that said, here are a few of my favorite activities that get my blood pumping and relax my brain after arduous reading.


Get yourself a realistic punching bag and start doing your thing. You don’t need to practice boxing professionally, just keep safety in mind. Either get boxing gloves, straps or punch slowly. It’s a good way of channeling your anger and keeping your cool down the line. Just imagine someone you really hate when you’re throwing fists toward the bag. You’ll feel much better.


It might seem tiresome at first, but in the long run, it will net you a lot of benefits. Running enhances your respiratory system and your blood flow. As a result, you’ll have a much easier time concentrating on future exams and classes. And because more oxygen goes to your brain, you’ll be far less prone to stress, and you’ll be able to better concentrate on any given task.

Riding a bike or a scooter

You don’t need to spend loads of cash on buying an expensive bike or scooter. Basic models do a good enough job of getting you from point A to B and helping you relax in the meantime. And because you unintentionally pay more attention to road signs and oncoming traffic, you will also increase your awareness.


Doing stretches is yet another efficient and easy way to relax your muscles and mind. Muscle tension, although it doesn’t impact your brain directly, is enough to keep you distracted from learning properly. Solving this issue through stretching is one of the easiest ways to let off steam and prepare for the next semester with a fresh outlook on life.


There’s a reason why those who meditate are often enlightened and relaxed. Meditation significantly reduces stress and increases your imagination. As a result, spending two or three hours a day on a meditation schedule will net you other great benefits in time. Think of it as a workout that focuses directly on the darkest places of your mind.


Although chess doesn’t involve any physical activity, it will take your mind off other things because of the high level of concentration needed to get good at this game. People who play chess are often more relaxed than those who don’t, and they’re also more calculated when having to make important decisions.

Start painting

Sure, not everyone can paint like Van Gogh or Picasso. However, the goal here isn’t to paint masterpieces. The goal is to relax, and painting does just that. Simply stroking your brush over a piece of paper or canvas helps you focus your mind on your creative capabilities. If you study in creative fields, such as writing, painting might give you that idea that just won’t come.

Final thoughts

To let off steam, it’s important to focus on your mind and find yourself a distraction. Practice any of the activities mentioned above, and I guarantee you’ll feel much better.

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