Chess In The Schools

Chess in the schools provides children a way to plan and use strategy in controlled competitive environment. These skills can be carried over into real life.

Chess is needed in American schools. Our children’s education is based on memorization. It makes sense that children should take a class based on long-term strategy and wit.

Long term strategy and wit are what make successes in the world. Businessmen, lawyers, doctors and war generals alike can attest to the importance of these traits. Without long term strategy and wit, one will put himself or herself at a disadvantage compared to a person who has these qualities. These qualities are big factors in who becomes a becomes a follower and who becomes a leader

Unfortunately our schools seem to want to make more followers than leaders as American public schools’ focus has switched from teaching strategy to teaching memorization. This transition has caused American students to lose the ability to think in terms of arguments and has hurt their ability to reason. Memorization does not provide the same value that other methods of teaching provide

One hour class a day for chess world benefit students more than most other classes. It would give students a break in their hectic schedules and provide an opportunity to think in ways they may have never tried before.

Several studies from various organizations show that children who participate in chess clubs in high school do better than children who do not. This game provides an opportunity for America’s schools to create a smarter student who can one day use what he’s learned in medicine, the business world, or in all major studies.

We require our children to take PE to work their bodies. Why not make them play chess to work their minds?

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