How to Increase The Lifespan of The Solar Battery

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The solar panel battery lifespan is an essential factor that you need to consider. Solar battery manufacturers need to ensure that batteries are reliable and durable. They need to promote energy production. The design of the solar battery produced should be able to resist the heat and cold cycles from the atmosphere.

When selecting a solar panel, it’s essential to check the type of battery used. There are different types of batteries that solar systems use. Some batteries are durable than others using the same power source. Regardless of the battery design, it won’t extend the service duration without maintenance. Here you will read more about the factors that affect the lifespan of solar panel batteries.

Regulate the number of batteries

You need to reduce the number of bank batteries used. Using several batteries promotes the connection and resistance that ends in equal charging. The reduction in the number of batteries is similar to or less than 16.

Boost the equalization of the solar batteries

The equalization of the batteries indicates the overcharging process of the solar panels. The situation happens in a regulated manner.

The process happens in a regulated manner. When all the batteries have different charging, the result is plates sulphation. Overcharging batteries use gassing to remove the plate’s sulphation. Best batteries possess solar charge controllers to stop overcharging.

Don’t leave the batteries uncharged for long

gray GE volt meter at 414You will destroy your batteries if you leave them in an uncharged state for a long time. You need to ensure that the power source always charges the battery. It promotes continuous charging.

Rotate the batteries

Do you have a big bank of batteries? It’s good to rotate the batteries periodically within the bank. The middle bank batteries will get an unreasonable charge than the external batteries. Rotating the batteries will help you to balance the uneven charging issues.

Use big interconnecting cables

When one uses large interconnecting cables on the batteries, they reduce resistance. The situation will also reduce the charge.

Use distilled water only

Adding extra electrolytes will do more harm to your solar battery. You need to use distilled water instead of using other addictive.

Charge the batteries properly

There is no other shortcut to charging the solar panel battery. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if the battery desolators will promote the lifespan. You are at liberty to decide to use desolators since it will cost you more funds.

Allow gassing or boiling

Gassing or boiling is normal in batteries because it’s crucial for effective charging. It’s suitable for your solar battery to gas regularly. The process produces water and hydrogen.

Your battery bank needs to receive proper ventilation. The ventilation will reduce hydrogen buildup.

The factors that affect the solar battery lifespan

Three factors affect the lifespan of batteries. These three factors are battery temperature, cyclic life, and discharge depth.

The cyclic life

You can predict the solar battery lifespan by only looking at the cyclic life. The lead-acid batteries provide between 300 and 700 cycles. The gel cell batteries offer between 500 and 5000 cycles.

The lithium batteries provide around 2000 cycles.

The depth of temperature (DoD)

Discharge depth is the extent to which you use solar batteries. A battery idles while discharging or charging. The process reduces the ability of the battery to keep more energy for use. For example, standard capacity batteries of 100kWh at 60% will have 40kWh.


Batteries receive higher clinical activities under high temperatures. These solar batteries are not efficient in the cold seasons.


When pondering ways to increase the lifespan of your solar battery, it’s worth considering expert advice. Their insights can be invaluable. You can explore their services for more information on solar panel installation in Portland, Oregon. To grow greener, maintain your solar energy value to set the most reliable power bucket.

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