How to improve your performance in MMA betting: the absolute guide to keeping track of your progress

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If you love to bet on Mixed Martial Arts and you are a regular punter at UFC fight cards, then you should probably have realized by now that betting needs to be approached in a planned and systematic way if you expect to make some profit out of it.


This is true for every betting market, but we are here to talk about one of the most famous sports available for wagering, and this is no other than MMA betting. Every bookmaker around the world, whether the most famous physical sportsbook or the best betting site in the Philippines, wants to capitalize on the growing popularity of MMA betting and, in doing so, offers a wide range of different markets to satisfy the different customers’ tastes. So, punters end up with countless choices and types of bets regarding MMA.

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In such “crowded” markets, losing track of your game is often easy. Especially if you are a regular MMA bettor, you will undoubtedly want to get control of your betting strategy and track down your performance and progress to be able to modify things that need to change to improve your results.

The best way to get control of your betting game is by ensuring you can analyze your bets; to do so, you need to keep records of your betting activity.

Keeping track of bets is not new to the world of sports betting. Just as you get to track line movement to improve your betting game, you track your betting activity to improve your betting strategy. In fact, most advanced punters and every professional bettor is doing it because it is the only way to evaluate whether a strategy is effective or not, and also, it is the only method for monitoring progress.

What is involved in keeping records of your bets? 

When you keep records, you do so because you want to examine over the course of time how effective your betting game or strategy has been, how good you are doing in betting, how much profit (or loss) you’ve generated and so on. But there is much more to it. You can dig deeper and go past the simple monitoring of your betting game.

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You can run statistical analysis to examine possible correlations between data -let’s say between a specific type of bet and potential profits, or a specific time of betting and profits, etc. And these correlations may or may not be positive – they can also show negative relationships – for example, a pattern showing that outright bets or prop bets are not profitable.

The critical thing in record keeping is the ability to do a thorough analysis and investigate the possible effects of a number of different factors on the outcome of the bet.

You can examine whether you are good at predicting the winner at the beginning of the season, search whether specific sources of information for some bets are more accurate than others, and explore what amounts of bets enable you to maintain some sort of safety in your bankroll.

The possibilities are endless, and you can work with the available data to find a number of exciting and potentially significant patterns or relations that will improve your game in the end.

Overall, the best thing you can do to advance your betting strategy and improve the prospects for making profits from MMA betting is to keep records of your wagers.

An extensive database of your bets can be the absolute source of your betting power. You can see with concrete evidence what drives profits and what leads to more losses, and therefore you can see what needs to be sustained and what needs to be changed. Accordingly, you can adjust your betting game and fine-tune your strategy to become a more intelligent and more sophisticated punter.

So, don’t just wait. Start now recording everything and any bit of information related to your bets – including, of course, the result – and you will soon realize how beneficial it will be in the end!

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