How to Harness Creativity Using Brainstorming

If you want to create innovation and products that open up whole new markets, you’ll need to get your business to harness the creativity that is currently being lost every day in the workplace.

Brainstorming can be a very effective tool to use to harness the creativity of your biggest asset, your employees. You can use brainstorming to come with innovative ideas for new products, to find creative solutions to problems that dog your business and to find ways to continuously improve efficiency by improving processes and procedures.

There is no end to the creative or innovative solutions your employees can provide, if you help them with the tools to generate and harness their ideas. Brainstorming can be a very helpful tool in idea generation.

What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a technique that focuses on gathering many ideas in a short space of time. If used correctly, the technique helps participants to bounce ideas off each other and to build on other’s ideas to end up with final solutions.

Brainstorming can also be used individually or in one on one sessions, as well as in small group sessions. Brainstorming is the art of focusing the mind on gathering many creative ideas, without analysis at this point. The analysis and discussion of the ideas should come after the creative ‘storm’ has passed.Brainstorming

Why use Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is used by innovative companies for many reasons. Some of the best known advantages of using brainstorming as a technique include:

  • Brainstorming allows your employees to put forward their ideas in a safe place
  • Brainstorming allows you to gather the ideas that can really lead your business into an innovative future.
  • Brainstorming in a group allows people with different ideas to share, blend and expand their knowledge in ways that offer genuine solutions to real business problems.
  • Brainstorming can lead to increased teamwork and other benefits that are not possible from other idea generation techniques such as suggestion boxes.

How DO I Effectively Brainstorm?

This, of course, is the key question to ask. The problem is that many companies that try to use the technique of brainstorming without knowing the full technique will fail miserably and end up with brainstorming sessions that are a waste of time and are ineffective in generating the ideas you need.

Don’t worry, however, because there is help available for you. The easy to read guide called “Quick Brainstorming Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises to Spark Your Team’s Creativity and Get Results Fast”. This book will give you the rules of brainstorming and lead you away from the common mistakes that make brainstorming a failure.

Following the simple rules to brainstorming can really make a difference to your idea generation techniques and you will find you gather more ideas, as well as more creative ideas if you can brainstorm effectively.

Don’t let your brainstorming sessions fail to generate the creative solutions your business is waiting for. This guide provides five steps to effective brainstorming, and even explains how to use the technique in small groups, in one on one meetings and on your own.

Harness the power of creativity in your company by learning how to brainstorm effectively. Use brainstorming as idea generation and team building exercises that lead to creative and innovative solutions that give your company the competitive edge you need! Brainstorming can help you to achieve all this.

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