How to find Your best Festoon Lights Supplier

festoon lights
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The term “festoon” comes from the Latin word “festum,” which represents “feast,” and it refers to bouquets and wreaths hung at gatherings and festivities. Festoon lights suppliers can provide large bulb garland lights, also known as cafe or party lights, that could be seen hanging at fairgrounds. These lights come in a white or multi-color selection and are bulky glass globes.

For gatherings, concerts, and celebrations, these lights are the very common outdoor lighting options in Australia. Fusion Lighting is the very common choice for decoration lighting for celebration lights and festoon lighting. Historically, these lights were made of glass and appeared stunning but they came with a number of drawbacks.

  1. Glass filament bulbs became extremely heated during service, posing a danger to kids, parents, and animals if they tripped.
  2. No matter how safely they were delivered, they were simple to crack
  3. They were very expensive to operate. As a result, a brilliant option was developed to mimic these conventional cafe lights by festoon lights, Australia, using a secure configuration of energy-efficient LEDs and transparent plastic cases. These lights are now unbreakable, cool to the touch, and extremely cost-effective to operate.

Festoon lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes 

Festoon lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a look at their extensive selection. Check out Lights for Decorators for a vast array of decorative lights for your event.

  1. Festoon lights that are waterproof:- These lights are waterproof, robust, dependable, and flexible, making them ideal for rainy and snowy conditions. Gardens, tents, rooftops, and garages are all good places to put them. A stainless plate base protects bulbs from rust, improves accessibility, and keeps them shining brightly. The bulbs are easily replaceable because they are removable.
  2. LED Colored Bulb:- In both business and residential settings, festoon lighting is becoming increasingly common. Many people like this lighting because it not only offers more illumination but is also very simple to install. This light, specifically, is made of an extremely durable 7mm thick cord that prevents animal bites. Since the high-quality lamp holders are fuelled by 240v, they last a long time. This light is a good option for gatherings and formal holidays because it adds a splash of color to your event room.
  3. With remote control, you can turn on and off the globe fairy light:- The very preferred is an elegant bulb from soft light with 99m diameter bulbs and a 1R13 keys remote control to alter the color filter, time, and illumination changes. Wave, flash, twinkle, slow, fade/glow, and other lighting effects are available. These lights are fantastic for weddings, dining/bedrooms, parks, and clubs/bars because they have a wide range of visual delight.
  4. LED edition for outdoor use:- For gatherings, dinner parties, and marriage ceremonies, an oxy LED warm yellow light for indoor and outdoor arrangements is ideal. These are 90 percent energy-saving lights that can withstand any heat. With a 30,000-hour life span, this comfortable, upkeep, and flexible lighting is ideal for back gardens, patios, and decks.


When searching for the best festoon lights supplier, it’s essential to explore your options thoroughly. You can visit Simple Lighting website to discover a variety of lighting solutions, including their LED strip lights and LED tape

Open-air retro festoon life, stylish and sturdy LEDs, LED hybrid solar and battery-powered lights, antique glass jar LED, and solar-powered festival lights are among the most other festoon lights available. All of these lights are one-of-a-kind, with exclusive features and functionality. Allow festoon light Australia to serve as your ideal decoration lighting supplier for both indoor and outdoor lighting choices.

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