How to Find a Job Quickly

There are times in your life when you might not be able to take the time to search for a job. For instance, you might have to relocate due to family issues or because you are being made redundant. There are plenty of other reasons. The difficulty you face is that even at the best of times, a job search can be time consuming and frustrating, with as many dead ends as there are positive leads – and frequently more.

Despite this, with the correct tools, planning and resources, you can streamline this process and find a job in a shorter period of time. Ideally, you would take time to prepare for and undertake your job search, as this would eventually lead to the best match for you. If you do not have the luxury of time, here are some steps you can take to find a job more quickly.

Create a Job Search Strategy

Planning is the most important step in finding a job quickly. If you do not plan, there is a risk that you will take a ‘scattergun’ approach, meaning that the greater proportion of your effort will be wholly wasted. We recommend doing the following:

  • Write down your job search goals. What job do you want to find? What is realistic in this timeframe? If your choice of job is something very rare and hard to locate, then your search will very likely be in vain.
  • Evaluate your skills, abilities and experience. Do these match those required in your chosen job – or jobs? If not, perhaps your goal is unrealistic. Always ensure that your target job is something for which you are adequately qualified, as you will then bear a chance of success. This is not the time for switching careers.

What steps are you going to take to find this job? Write these down. Place them in order of difficulty and likelihood of producing results. You need to focus on the search techniques that are easiest to execute while producing the greatest chance of results. Unless your job has a strong local geographical focus, meaning it is easy to directly approach employers, then the internet is usually going to offer the swiftest route to vacancies.

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