How to block away your Creative Block: 101

Go on then, bid your creative block adieu!

Creative Block
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Before I unveil the secrets to bidding adieu to Creative Blocks, let us understand what they actually are. 
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Psychologist Liliana Ferreira explains what happens in the mind when you have a creative block. The creative process is related to divergent thinking, which helps to provide solutions to different situations that we face.

“Normally it is due to a lack of motivation and is sometimes linked to mental fatigue when we think about the same thing a lot or have many things to think about or solve and this causes stress.” 

How do I know when I have a creative block?

Gerardo Vega explains how to identify it.

“It shows a lot in my state of mind. In the end, I am an artist and I always want to create. And suddenly when I feel sad or very discouraged, it goes without saying that I am creatively blocked.”

Creative Blocks, in simple words, are blocks to your creativity. Your creativity in anything, from dancing, singing, writing, reading to even painting and drawing. It is that moment when you just cannot force your mind to come up with something. Say, in writing, when you write, you just cannot move the character, just cannot have him continue the conversation. Simple?

Now, I will try to shed some light on the things I do to move on from these blocks I have.

Number one. 

Wait, numbers. I need numbers.

It is okay to have creative blocks.

Firstly, and most importantly, it is imperative to understand that having creative blocks is okay. We often get frustrated when we just cannot think of something. It is just your mind going off on a teeny-tiny vacation. But don’t worry, it’ll be back. Definitely.

It’s like love, if you force it, it doesn’t work. It has to be free and it has to be spontaneous and it has to be irresolute.


Now that you know your mind is off on a vacation. Holiday? Wait, what’s the difference? Anyway, now that you know that your mind is cooling off, you must do the same too. Take deep breaths, calm yourself, clear your head a bit.


meditate and overcome creative block
Photo by Mor Shani

I mean, it is obvious. You breathe, you meditate. It only seems right. It is important for you to connect with your thoughts to generate those mind-blowing ideas. And the best way to do that is to meditate, get in tune with yourself.


If that wasn’t very clear, that’s the Netflix theme for you. When you can’t create, watch someone else’s creation. It is nice to kick back and enjoy a movie or two sometimes.


Why did you start doing what you did? Why did you start that book? Why did you start that painting? Why did you write that song? Sometimes recalling the ‘why’ helps you get going now. It instills that sense of purpose in you that’ll push you to keep going.

Take a walk or something.

The ‘take a walk’ must be very clear; what I mean by ‘something’ is doing something you enjoy doing. Maybe the reason you’ve been unable to do something anymore is that you’ve done a lot of it. It is essential to give time to your other interests too. Maybe it’s cooking, baking, taking your dog out for a walk, or napping? Anything.

Take breaks.

It might sound similar to the last point, but there’s a small difference. Now, I want you to schedule small little breaks in between doing what you’re doing. For example, if you’re writing that story, take a break, go talk to your mum, come back, write again. It is important to take small breaks in between for a smooth flow of those creative juices.

Don’t look for inspiration.

We often look here and there for inspiration. Go behind it. Chase it. But what we must understand is that inspiration comes to you when you’re not looking for it. It hides in places you don’t care to look. It hides in the purple of the evening sky, the sound of your sister’s laugh, the cheese of your pizza, the last paragraph of the poem.

I would give you the ninth point, but I seem to have hit a creative block of my own. Will go meditate a bit. Go on then, bid your creative block adieu!

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