How to be a Success in College

Ragging in Manipal
Although the Indian Government has banned it from all colleges across the nation with strict implications if found guilty, only an ignorant fool would think that it has become completely non – existent.

You can be a success in college, if you choose to be and plan for it. You need to know before you set off to college, that many students fail their first year because of the temptations to lay out of class and attend one too many frat parties. Still, if you will take the time to plan how you can be a success, then you will be a success in college.

The first thing you need to do is to plan a college schedule that you can live with on a daily basis. This is where college students often mess up their first semester. Don’t choose early morning classes if you aren’t a morning person just because your parents tell you to do it. You need to choose classes you know you’ll be able to attend and choose a schedule you know you will keep.

College students must plan their own time schedules without their parents otherwise parents would have their kids starting their day at eight in the morning and most kids will never make those classes the first year of adjusting to college life. However, you know your own patterns, choose when you are the most alert in a given day and then make your schedule around your own patterns.

In order to be a success in college, then you will need to avoid the party scene as much as possible. You don’t want to initiate partying until all hours of the night and morning and you don’t want to do it during the school week. You will have plenty of free weekends to run wild later. School weekdays and partying don’t mix up a successful cocktail.

Take the time to get to know your professors on a personal level. Don’t brown nose them but make sure they know who you are so that you can feel comfortable asking questions in class and outside of class.

Ask for help when you need it and use student services on campus if you need to find a tutor for some of your classes. You’ll be glad you did when your grades come in. Always try to stay on top of the class material and ahead of schedule so that you are constantly expecting the unexpected. If you are ahead of the game, if you have to miss a class or if you fall sick, you won’t fall behind.

In order to be a success in college, you must believe that you can be a success in college. Take the time to prepare for college and take the initiative to succeed in college.

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