How to Ace an Interview Effortlessly

interview effortlessly

Want to crack your interview effortlessly? Here is an opportunity to learn all about preparing for an interview.

Interviews are an inevitable part of our lives. At some point in our life, all of us will have to go for an interview, starting from school and university admissions to job interviews. Oxford Dictionary describes an interview as a formal meeting where one is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a job or a course of study. So, going for an interview with a calm mind can be hard because you are usually meeting someone for the first time and are bombarded with questions. 

Any job interview might look like there are a lot of candidates selected for the interview round. Still, the truth is that less than twenty percent of the applicants get to the interview stage. This is usually because their resumes have stood out from others. If you have been selected for the interview round, the possibility is that the company sees some good potential in you.

University admissions are more diverse since every college does not have an interview round. If they do have an interview round, you need to make sure that your essay or statement of purpose is different from others. Hence, it draws the admission board’s attention.  

Seeing as an interview is usually held formally, the interviewers are very professional, which might be intimidating to the applicant. Some people get too scared to speak out their opinion due to this, which might affect how the interviewers perceive them. So, how do you get rid of this feeling? It’s as simple as having a positive attitude and confidence. Yes, it might be easier said than done.  Still, there are many steps you can follow before an interview to calm your nerves and be confident in yourselves. 

First of all, be sure of your strengths and weaknesses, and don’t be afraid to mention them.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t know something – nobody knows everything. Once you are sure of your strength, try to talk about it as much as you can. Give examples while talking about it, so the interviewer knows that you have equal theoretical and practical knowledge. Mention your past experiences and things that you learned from your journey that have added to your strength. 

interview effortlessly

Second, attend the interview with confidence.

Always be alert and prepared for any cross-questions or out of the box questions that the employer might ask you. Make sure that you do not get into a situation where you bluff about your skills or overstate about something theoretical. The interviewer might ask you questions that you won’t know the answer to if you exaggerate or bluff, which will, in turn, create a wrong impression of you.  

Third, dress neatly for your interview.

Have proper body structure, with your back erect and a welcoming smile. Be sure to stay calm before and during the interview. Have an easy-going attitude so the employer understands that you are not restricted and are open to different opportunities that might come your way. Be polite and maintain a pleasant conversation from your end, even if the interviewer is rude, arrogant, or intimidating. 

Fourth, something that I think is most important is to be clear about what you are getting into.

Usually, most individuals who apply for new jobs do not know why they are doing it. Have a clear answer as to why you are applying for the job; how it will benefit you and if it is the right time to take the next step. Time management is critical in becoming successful. Know and understand your skills thoroughly and make sure that your skills align correctly with the job you are applying for. Having this knowledge will help you in your interview and especially while you are working. Stating what is your best skill and the reasoning behind it, according to you during an interview, will make a good impression. 

Most of all, always remember that “Attitude is everything.” Having a positive attitude and staying positive during your interview, not only through actions but also through your sentences, will create a lasting impression on the employer. 

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About the Author: Meghna is a writer based out of Hyderabad. She loves exploring her opportunities but enjoys her alone time as well. She is currently working on improving her content and her writing skills.

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