10 Things to Include in Your Statement of Purpose for MBA to Succeed

Getting to the point where you have to apply for your MBA is exciting. It’s a whole new chapter in your life. Writing a statement of purpose for MBA is where you have to focus and put the hard work in. It is more than just an essay. This is you convincing the board that you are ready for this new journey. It is also a celebration of all the achievements you have had over the years. Everything you have worked for is now going to reflect in one essay. These tips will help you write the best SOP.

1.      Background

Tell the board a bit about your experience. This can include your professional background and personal. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to get to know the person behind the SOP.

2.      Achievements

You have achieved a lot over the years, and it is time to mention some of the best achievements. It does not have to be life-changing, but the ones that are important to you. These achievements make you who you are.

3.      Failures

Part of what makes you who you are would be the failures. In a sop for MBA, you need to tell your whole story. The good and the bad parts. These failures have taught you some valuable lessons.

4.      Goals

Mention some of the career goals you have for yourself. This is going to show that this MBA would be entirely in line with your goals.

5.      Reasons why

There must be a specific reason why you feel that the time is right to pursue your MBA. Mention some of the ideas in your SOP.

6.      Course information

The school and the course you want to join has been selected carefully. Is there a reason why you went to this school and course specifically? This shows that you have not made this decision in a hurry and it’s well thought through.

7.      Grammar

Pay attention to your grammar in your SOP. There is not much room for error here. Your MBA letter of intent has to reflect your professionalism. Making too many errors will not reflect that.

8.      Format

Know what the acceptable format is and adhere to it. You could write a fantastic SOP, but if the format is incorrect, you may not get the results you want.

9.      Knowledge

Share as much knowledge about what you have learned over the years. This can be career knowledge or any other general, yet suitable knowledge you may want to share.

10. Balance

This is often something that is missed in an SOP, but it is more valuable than realized. You achieve a lot professionally, but what else do you do outside of work? Mention some of these achievements or interests to show you are a balanced individual.

Final thoughts on your MBA Statement of Purpose

Sharing your story can be daunting, but it is unique and makes you who you are. Your hard work is now going to reflect in one essay. Don’t fear the process, but instead embrace it. It all comes down to this, and if you are the candidate the program is suitable for, there is no need for them to reject your application.

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