How To Ace A Performance Review

Performance review

It’s the end of the year. It’s time for you to sit down with your manager and do the dreaded PERFORMANCE REVIEW. This event, if handled correctly, should give you a big fat raise in January.Performance Review

Big Fat Raise = Super Sexy.

You worked all year. You know it. Your coworkers know it. Your manager might not. This is where you will remind ‘em of your value to the company.

Make a list of specific things you’ve done.

Tell them of specific projects you were involved in. Tell them the steps you took to solve it. The keyword here is “specific.” More details are better than less details. I suggest writing these down since you’ve probably done a lot during the year.

Use numbers.

Tell them you fixed 30 defects. Say that you saved the company approximately $30,000 dollars. Using numbers will give them the impression that you pay attention to detail. Plus, it will make it easier for your manager to double-check your facts. Managers like it when you make things easier for them.

Don’t forget about weaknesses.

They’re probably going to ask you about your “weakness” or “things you need to improve upon”. Prepare this ahead of time so that you don’t say something stupid. Say something like, “One time, I was working so hard that I missed dinner. I need to look up at the clock once in a while or I’ll go hungry!”

Have at least one “above and beyond” story.

Managers like when their employees go beyond what they’re expected. Tell them about the time you stayed until 12 am trying to meet some deadline. Give your manager the “above and beyond” story near the end of your performance review to ensure you end on a high note.Performance Review

Don’t forget the things your manager doesn’t know about.

Your manager should know most of the things you’ve done. Don’t forget to tell them the little things that he might not know about. Like the time you helped Jim find a nasty software bug that he was chasing all day.

Increase your effort 2 months before you review.

Managers have short term memory. They’re hardly going to remember last January when you saved the company from a forest fire. During this time period, take on an extra project to show your company some love. Give your manager extra status reports. They love constant communication.

These tips should help you have a happy holiday.

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