How Selection of An Institute Can Weaken Or Strengthen Your Animation Career?

It is often said that skills and talent can never be outsourced, these are the things that a person inherent. This goes true with every career including animation. A person can have great creativity and drawing skills, but to be a professional he need to get proper guidance and training from a good institute or school where the specialized faculty focuses on honing the student’s skills.

In fact, the animation and visual effects industry have marked its place in the global arena and still widening up, leading to the progressive demand of local talent. This has resulted into opening up of many animation institutes across the country.

Aspiring animation professionals are likely to get stuck in the maze of enormous options of animation colleges and training institutes at the just entrance of the animation industry. It is very important to make a precise decision here in choosing the institute that offers best-quality education. Learning the tactics of animation from a good institute could help you achieve the desired success. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered while selecting any animation institute. Some of them are:

1)   Program Insights: Everything that glares the most may not necessarily be gold! At the same time, old is gold! This simply implies that one should have a careful vision on what is the curriculum followed in the institute chosen. Too much recent and too much old without having a strong base, both can be disastrous. An example would bring clarity. Many institutes today pay attention to computer education, but that doesn’t matter most like drawing and sketching skills without which one can’t survive in the animation industry.

2)   The Faculty’s Quality: You can always expand what you have. If a faculty is experienced enough only then they can provide children a quality education otherwise the investment in any institute will go vain. There are many institutes these days that pick-up cheap faculty who don’t have much knowledge, which, as a result, ruins the crucial base years of an animator’s career. A teacher should be fairly recent so that he/she can nurture the students’ growth with proper ingredients.

3)   College/Institute’s Infrastructure and Environment: Animation is often a field where the money should be spent like water to provide quality education to the children as the trend of this field changes like a blink of an eye. Teaching old stuff on out-dated systems is simply disastrous for anyone’s career. It is important to inspect about the infrastructure- the rooms where students’ theory and the practical session would be conducted. Moreover, the systems should be updated.

In addition to best-in-class infrastructure, the environment of the institute also matters. It should be encouraging enough to make the student comfortable to confront any formidable challenges of the career.

4)   Placement Records: With the increasing competition, it is quite common to find an institute that claims for placement guarantee. But, it tends to be very difficult to find the one that is trustworthy. You should check the placement records well. Check references from the students who already graduated from the same institute. Reading testimonials, reviews and any other sort of feedback from students would also be of great help.

5)   Institute’s Location: It is a generally ignored aspect, but could make a great impact. If you will need to travel really long, say 2 -3 hours, it would be like wasting much of time in travelling itself. Search for the institutes with least possible distance and select the one suit your preferences to the best.

So, considering the factors mentioned above you will easily select an institute that will strengthen your animation career, providing you the world-class education and hands-on experience on industry-specific projects. It would be better to have your checklist prepared before starting your hunt for a quality institute.

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The author, Kaylyn Gabriele, is an online blogger residing in Canada. She writes educational stuff so to educate forthcoming students about new options to explore like video-game animation education, animation education technology, etc. catch her on hanging around on FB, Google+ or follow on Twitter.

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