How I Met Your Mother-Episode 2 Season 8-“The pre-nup”

So? Will the show end with Mosby telling the kids they are adopted??

From the Episode 2 of Season 8 of the hit television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’  i.e ‘The Pre-Nup’ , it’s quiet clear that the creators are running out of new stories for a 20 min episode and are just trying to pull it till the end.

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Running Out Of Ideas…

The episode begins with the voice of future Ted Mosby narrating how everyone is happy in their  respective relationships and he’s finding it boring to tell his children,  he fast forwards the scene to October 2012 where he explains that by the end of the day one of the couple (Ted & Victoria, Robin and her boyfriend, Barney & Quinn, Marshall & Lily along with Marvin) will break-up and there begins the main plot of the episode. Barney was talking to his dubious boss who talks Barney into signing a pre-nuptial with Quinn before getting married.
The episode comes to a climax with not a big surprise showing Barney and Quinn breaking up over the pre-nuptial argument and Barney  telling everyone how he is meant to be single in his unique and ‘legendary’ life style.d to her. Initially Barney refuses but ultimately he his convinced to do so and presents his argument to her girlfriend who is not only heart-broken but also annoyed on reading the conditions(which will you laugh your socks off) of the agreement. She reports the event to other girls of the group who cannot hold their anger and team up against Barney in Gangnam style and prepare their list of arguments for the pre-nuptial, which are not that ‘awesome’ (as they weren’t prepared by Stimson). Meanwhile Barney meets the guys at Mc-Laren’s and telling them about his idea. Ted and Marshall show mixed reactions.

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So? Will The Show End With Mosby Telling The Kids They Are Adopted??

On the screen again the appear the words, “A little ways down the road” and Barney and Robin are seen kissing and planning their date which again puts up a question,”Will they really marry each other?”

Quiet confusing but will be interesting to see, at least we hope so!

By the way, the repetitive use of  “A Little Ways down the Road” is making it quiet boring to see and people seem to be losing interest in what will happen down that road. Although everyone is very curious to see the last girl of the group, we just hope that the series keeps on running with more interesting and legen-wait for it-dary plots week by week!

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