Home is where the heart lies.

Home is where the heart lies – I’ve heard and used this a lot of times, but felt it more than ever this week. My serenade sings my happiness of meeting parents after a long time. I don’t know what this magic of being with people you love is all about. It just feels so right and leaves you wishing for more.

The same environment feels different. The old looks brand new! The joy of greeting your parents to your house is a different joy altogether. Their arrival also marks the expectation of loads of  food and goodies. Aaaah! Unpacking never felt so good! The presence of a mother turns a house into your home. She complains, she whines, she irritates… but in all of this, the only emotion you see pouring in her kind eyes is love. Oh how i’ve missed her and i’m sure you would too once you leave home for your job. Homesickness can sometimes be very very cruel.

Courtesy - Belajar Ceria
Courtesy – Belajar Ceria

And then there’s your father. The unshakeable pillar of the family. Just having him around is like an energy booster. A confidence like never before rushes into my body when i just have him around. The feeling of taking him on a ride on my two wheeler for the first time on the pretty empty streets of Pune was bliss. It’s strange how good it feels to treat parents with your earned money. It’s more fun though when you get them to spend on you!!! 😉

I think every parent should let their kids stay on their own and not tag around them all the time. The instinctive protective nature of parents hampers the growth of kids in the direction of being responsible and independent. We should be allowed to experiment, make mistakes and then learn from them!!! It’s all about knowing when to hold on and when to let go. A beautiful balance between the two results in harmony.

There’s this wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you’re capable of taking care, both of yourself and your parents, even if it’s to a little extent. And the proud look in their eyes which still see you as a five-year-old is something to behold. Make the best of the time you get to spend with them, because once you step into the corporate world, long frequent vacations are things of the past. So look out for those little gaps you find and live it completely.

Thus, singing the tune resonating with the whistle of the pressure cooker in the kitchen, screaming out to remind me to shut my laptop and go to my parents, i sign off to enjoy this beautiful week! Until then, try catching up with your parents if you haven’t for long, or just drop a loving call maybe! Happy bonding you guys. Adios!

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