Holland – The Place of Wooden Shoes and Tulips!

Holland the place where tulips, bicycles, Dutch culture, cheese, green fields with windmills, Madurodam – the miniature world and of course, the typical wooden shoes, are some of the things that one gets to experience while being there.




Have you ever tried cheese fresh from the factory waxed out on the outside with creamy cheese inside? They come in different flavors that one cannot get enough if one’s a cheese lover. The seasoning is so refreshing and light, and the aroma of the herbs blended into the fresh-cut cheese is simply mouth-watering.

A walk down the road lead one towards the windmills (which are present all over the country) which supply the energy for their harvest.  All the paths are paved to be bicycle-friendly, since there everyone is a proud owner of a bicycle.  It is their price possession and a means  of transport that is widely used in the country.




The people in the country follow the Dutch culture with their flamboyant dressing sense and wooden shoes. When it comes to wooden shoes, there is a legend behind them. It goes like this:

Whenever a man  decides who he wants as his partner for life, it is said that he carves or makes shoes for her and leaves them out in front of her door with a message. The next morning, if the girl wears the shoes and walks out, then the proposal is accepted. With the wooden shoes of different designs and shapes it’s a culture followed by all to adorn themselves with these pretty little things as their accessory footwear.




Madurodam, which is the name for the miniature city of Holland is a place of everyone`s delight for you can be taller than the tallest building in Holland and finish a whole trip in the city by just roaming around the park and watching the city in its miniature form.




What would be your reaction when you are amidst the most beautiful tulips, of color you have never imagined them to exist in?  The carpet of tulips spreads across like a colorful mat that fills the space as much as one’s eye can see. Due to the massive production of tulips of different varieties,  Holland is indeed the worldwide supplier of  tulips across the globe.




Its culture, development,  good-natured  people and the picturesque scenic views across the country, has made Holland one of the best places to visit on a tour to Europe.

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