Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DWI Lawyer In Albany NY


College life is an exciting journey, and it’s a great time to be independent, hang out with friends, and enjoy learning to drive. But one major public health concern is that many college and university students are getting involved in road crash accidents, due to driving while drunk or intoxicated.

Driving while intoxicated or DWI is a serious offense because you risk your health and safety, as well as other people’s lives by driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DWI case can put you in jail and ruin your future. That’s why it makes sense hiring a good lawyer if you or your loved one is facing a DWI case. So, check out these questions first before you hire a DWI lawyer in Albany, NY.Law

Are You a DWI Lawyer Handling Cases in New York?

In New York, penalties for DWI include fines, loss of driving privileges, and a jail term. Also, refusal to take a test of breath, urine, or blood chemical test is considered a violation. A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher is considered a DWI for private vehicles and a BAC of 0.04 or other evidence of intoxication for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

It’s important to know if your prospective lawyer handles DWI cases in NY, especially if you were arrested in this state. DWI laws in every state vary, so you need a legal representative who has in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience handling similar cases like yours in New York, like The DWI Guys.

What Is Your Specialization?

While any personal injury lawyer can handle your DWI case, it is to your advantage if you choose one who is focused on DWI as a major area of specialization. Hire a lawyer who knows about existing DWI laws, with years of experience, and has handled several cases, to get the results you want and the best value for your money. 

How Do You Usually Manage a DWI Case?

Before you agree to anything, ask who will be handling your case and how a particular DWI lawyer will handle your case. Asking how a lawyer plans to manage your case is a good idea because it might be given to a different lawyer in the law firm. Of course, you don’t want to know later on that your case is only passed to a newer lawyer. 

Facing a legal battle can be daunting, especially when it involves personal injury. It’s a time when you need someone who understands the law and can fight for your rights. That’s where a personal injury attorney in Venice comes in, providing the expertise and support you need to navigate through the legal process effectively and efficiently

What Is Your Payment Term?

This question is crucial, most especially if you’re on a budget. While hiring a private lawyer is expensive, it is a worthwhile investment because your future is at stake. You don’t want to pay higher car insurance premiums, a hefty amount of penalties and fines, or worse, spend many years of your life in jail, which will compromise your student and career life.

Here are the payment terms DWI lawyers usually have:

  • Some lawyers will give you the bill after your case is finished, while others require a retainer fee (upfront fee) and let you pay for other legal services as your case proceeds.
  • Some lawyers offer affordable payment plans to accommodate clients who have a tight budget.
  • There are DWI lawyers who charge an hourly rate. The retainer fee is deducted from the hourly rate as your DWI case progresses until the entire process is over, and your court case ends.
  • Lawyers who charge a flat fee means charging one price for your attorney’s time: one fee if you agree to the plea agreement or plead guilty, and another fee to take your case to trial.

What Is the Possible Outcome of My DWI Case?

Although there is no way to exactly predict how a DWI case will conclude, an experienced DWI lawyer will know enough to determine the possible outcomes. You might need to simply comply with installing mandatory interlocks, do community service, pay fines, or spend time in jail.

A DWI case can be dropped if the state prosecutor reduces the charges against you and charges you with a new and lesser offense. It must be done before presenting your case during a court hearing.  


When hiring a DWI attorney, it’s important to know the expertise, experience, and skills of the lawyer to confidently handle your DWI case. Once you have asked the above questions, you’ll have peace of mind that your case will be handled serving your best interests. In that way, you can continue your college studies and eventually start your own career after graduation.

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