Higher Education Prospects in France

Believed to be one of the best for engineering, media, management, hospitality, biotechnology and healthcare studies, France has become a favoured destination for Indian students for higher studies. 2600 Indian students opted for France for higher education last year. Now 700 courses are taught in English and visa processes are simplified.

The recent announcement by the Ambassador of France to India states that Indian students are eligible for business/tourist visa for term of five-year and are ahead with many scholarships awaiting.

Campus France Manipal

OECD ranks the France in education as the top 25th country among others and WHO has declared France the best overall healthcare provider. One of the most wealthiest nations in the world – France – possesses the second largest exclusive economic zone in the world.

“France is cheaper as compared to the US. Campus France is already seeing more applications trickling in”, says Madhuri Welling, education adviser, Campus France de Bangalore.

Department of European Studies of Manipal University and Campus France India are organising an Information Seminar on Higher Education Prospects in France on September 20, 2013, at the counseling hall of the Manipal University building at 4 pm. All the students who look forward for their higher studies in France are invited for the Seminar.

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