Here are 5 Shocking Things That Can Make You Sick

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Various threats that persist in the environment that could lead you to become seriously sick. Some of these factors range from eating stale food, drinking contaminated water, maintaining poor hygiene or diet, and likes. Various health organizations such as the National Health Service, The Health Organization and World Health Organization (WHO) emphasize the need to eat clean and maintain proper food hygiene. If you fail to maintain these safety and health standards, you are bound to fall severely ill.

Even though you remain safe and take all the precautions, still some things could be making you sick without you even knowing. These hidden threats could be the cause behind you to repeatedly catch flu, get rashes, diarrhea, stomach infections, and much more. With a fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to track and distinguish what these factors are that could be causing you to get sick over and over. However, taking small steps as maintaining hand hygiene by following steps in handwashing could make a significant impact in eradicating germs.

To your surprise, there could be things and habits, that could pose a severe threat to your health. You could even be using the objects and exercising these habits on daily basis; which accumulate to affect your health majorly. Here are five shocking things that could be making sick without you even knowing

Surprising Things Making You Sick

  1. Utensils

Your utensils are something that you use every day without a care in mind. However, are you sure that they are clean enough and not doing you harm? The utensil at your house is a factor that you must take under significant consideration when it comes to maintaining your health. The utensils are used from toddlers in the house to senior individuals; it becomes your utmost responsibility to ensure that they are sanitized and not harmful for health. Here are a few things you must ensure that the utensils are spick and span:

  • Use steel and glass utensils
  • Wash oily utensils with lukewarm water
  • Drain the water out and don’t let water sit
  • Don’t use extra dish soap to wash
  1. Toothbrush

For a healthy life, it is essential to maintain healthy oral health. Poor oral hygiene could lead to bleeding gums, bad breath, cavity, plaque, and other oral diseases. The primary entrance into your body is through your mouth, and if not taken care, it can have major effect on your health. The dentists suggest that you should practice brushing teeth twice a day.  What if we told you that the toothbrush you use to keep your teeth clean could be causing more harm than good. Here are a few things you should ensure when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands with Dettol Hand Wash before brushing your teeth
  • Every three to four months, ensure you get a new toothbrush
  • Change your toothbrush every time you recover from a disease or illness
  • Give your toothbrush a thorough rinse before using
  • Dry your brush in a dry place and don’t keep it in a case when wet as it could develop germs
  • Do not share your toothbrush with others
  1. Bedding

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep after a long day. However, your bed could be a significant contributor to making you fall ill without you even knowing. The cause of this could be prolonged use of bedding and mattresses. You might think that your favorite sheets on your perfectly comfortable mattress are helping you get a relaxed sleep; whereas, to the contrary, they are making you sick. Your bed accumulates your body sweat and oil, mold, fungi, and much more to have various effects on your health. Here are a few things you can ensure to avoid falling ill because of your bed!

  • Change your bedsheet and pillow covers every week
  • Don’t allow pets to get on your bed
  • Change your mattress every 8-10 years
  • Change your pillows every six to eight months
  1. Poor Hand Hygiene

Your hands could contain viruses, bacteria, and germs that get transferred into your body. The transfer of germs leads to severe illnesses like stomach infections and germs. The transfer of germs when you have dirty hands could happen through preparing food or eating with bare hands. It is vital to thoroughly wash your hands with Dettol Hand Wash to exterminate any threats that could lead to illnesses. Even though you wash your hands, you should know the right way to wash your hands by following the correct steps in hand washing techniques. If you’re on the go sanitize your hands with Dettol Hand Sanitizer to terminate germs and have clean hands.

  1. Makeup Tools

You must be following some or another makeup and skin routine every day to get clear and gleaming skin. However, what if your routine could be doing more harm than benefit to your skin. Your routine or products are not to blame for your detreating skin condition; it’s your unwashed tools and dirty hands. These are ways in which you can ensure that your skin glows and is healthy.

  • Wash your hands properly with Dettol Handwash and follow steps in handwashing before you touch your face
  • Regularly clean your makeup brushes and other tools
  • Do not share your makeup brushes and makeup products
  • Before you use your products, ensure that they are not expired
  • Store your brushes at a place that is clean and dry
  • When you wash your brushes and sponge make sure they are completely dry before using

The Takeaway From This

As promised, we have shared with you the five shocking things that can make you sick without you even knowing about them. By ensuring that you follow these, you will be at the pink of your health. However, with the fast-paced lifestyle, it becomes challenging to follow steps in handwashing sometimes. For times like these, make sure to carry Dettol Hand Sanitizer to eradicate any germs that persist.

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