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Health and fitness are one of the most integral parts of human life. On this blog, we have written multiple articles on the topics of health and fitness. One recent article was on the myths about how to stay in good shape at college. A report by the medical experts at the American Medical Association indicates that about 93% of the American population is obese.

This population of obese individuals is mostly comprised of children, adolescents, and young adults. With technological advancements at their disposal, the majority of adults and college students spent most time indoors. This is unhealthy. As a result, they follow the advice that is not scientifically proven to keep in shape.

It is not possible to focus on losing fat from specific body parts. This is one colossal myth when it comes to ways of burning fat. There is only scientific evidence that you can burn fat from the entire body and get healthier as a result. The second myth is the no pain, no gain motto that students use to motivate themselves to workout.

Pain is only a symptom of a heavy workout and not a way of working out. Another myth is that sweating in excess during exercise will make one lose weight at a faster rate. This is not true because sweating is a natural way our bodies use to regulate the temperature. Use the GetFitTrack device to see how fit you are and how much progress you need to make!

It is a myth to also say by lifting weights; our body fats will turn into muscles. The sole purpose of lifting weights is to build and strengthen muscles. Training using heavy machines and heavy loads is not strength training. Strength training could imply any exercise that aims at creating or improving resistance, and as a result, develop muscles, enhance endurance, and build strength.

It is vital that college students and everyone generally to consult trainers and medical experts before engaging in any activities to enable us to stay in good shape. In the UAE region, you can access fitness centers such as gymnation Dubai centers.

Another article we recently published was the use of proper home furniture to cure Back Pain. Back strains are a common problem for many people, especially among those advanced in age. Again pain can make life harder. Besides the medical procedures or surgery, using proper home furniture is one way of relieving pain. This sounds strange, but it is true.

Having the wrong furniture in the house that does not offer any comfort is one of the most common causes of back pains. Giving importance to bed size, ensuring the floor is comfortable and taking care of your posture while sleeping is the methods that can be used to ensure we have proper home furniture hence reduced cases of back pain.

Another article published by us was on the treatment of glioblastomas. Glioblastoma affects about 2,400 patients annually in Germany. Most of these patients are between the age of 50-70. Currently, patients are being subjected to surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy with the medication temozolomide as the treatment plan. Glioblastoma can cause the swelling of the tissues surrounding the brain. Some of the symptoms that are indicative of this disease include a headache that is accompanied by nausea and drug resistance seizures.

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