I was innocent, my heart was pure,
Until you stepped in, with your remarkable allure,
You influenced me, made me pine,
For things that weren’t mine

Gullible that I was, I thought with my heart,
Regardless of the plan to tear me apart
I let my feelings take me over,
Like the carefree bud of a flowerHeartbreaker 1

I loved you, your nature, your laugh,
I trusted you with my everything, like a warm winter scarf
You were my light, my unquestionable support
My Rock of Gibraltar, where only Truth held Fort

You meant the World to me, a paragon of humanity
You were unique, a remarkable entity
Of love, friendship, companionship,
The necessities of all relationships

And then, abruptly, the blanket was torn away from my eyes
On that devilish night, when I was torn apart,
Plagued by dishonor, surrounded by lies
My world crashed around me, and nameless grief tore at my heart

The world, a cruel place, frequented by Evil,
And I, a victim, a sufferer, as God stood still
The pain was unbearable, like burning in a thousand fires,
The Devil arrived, to crucify me, on God‘s own Spire

It was a unique experience, which left me naked, and alone,
I felt as powerless, as emotionless as a stone
Shock and denial had taken hold,
I was lost in the darkness, the relentless cold

A changed man, tempered by bitterness, is what I’ve become
For all of you in happiness, I’d like some
A reminder of what could be, to escape the truth, of what I’ve become
A reject, a nomad, just a guy in search of love

You hurt me, you destroyed me, you tore me apart
Well, you won, but I’ll recover, part by part
Trust no longer freely given, I react with skeptism
To all peripheral feelings of altruism

A hard shell, an impenetrable stone,is what I’ve become,
Where no flattery shall beat its drum,
Banned are human emotions, no longer shall they hold sway
They are to be banished, driven far, far away

I live in a lonely, tempered world,
A life of solitude, bereft of feelings, none to be sold
A reality of numbers and facts, of clear, unblemished precision,
Life, death are constants, in the order of distribution

It would all be fine, but for my traitorous heart,
That shall always love you,
A reminder of my failings, my mistakes,
That convinced you to drive us apart

You will find your peace in the arms of another,
But what of me…..did you even bother?
Its all for one, but it ain’t one for all
I thought love a gift, as I never saw myself fall

Call me foolish, call me wretched,
For I shall always have hope,
That God will give me what I deserve,
A solution, a balm, a life to preserve

For there ain’t no glory to be got in pain
No umbrella, to stop the rain
That patters unforgivingly around me,
Yet I bleed tears, again and again

And yet again………

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I am a guy who believes in fairplay and justice......I also have little tolerance for rubbish if it's thrown in my face(:P).......I love to write and read good pieces of writing...........I am also a firm believer in the saying, " If Cricket is My Religion, Then Sachin Tendulkar Is God!"

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