Have Fun Learning Multiplication Tables with Apps

Time for your kids to learn multiplication tables? If you are looking for some great learning tools to help your kids learn the times tables, then you should definitely consider multiplication table apps. Whether they are just getting started with multiplication, or they want to learn higher level tables, times tables apps can make the process less of a chore and more like a game.

My search for times tables apps started a few weeks ago when I was helping my nephew study his first few times tables. While I used to use flashcards when I was little, I thought it would be more interesting for him if I could find a game-style app for learning times tables. So, I did a bit of digging around the web and tested out a few options before I arrived at my top 3 favorites. Here are my reviews for each one.

Kids Multiplication Tables – Multiple exercise modes

One of my favorite multiplication table apps is Kids Multiplication Tables. I like the fact that there are 10 different game modes to choose from, so you can switch up the exercises at any time and keep them interesting and entertaining. Game modes include everything from a Bingo game to an intergalactic spaceship that shoots down multiplication asteroids. I also like how each game starts with a short tutorial, so your kid can easily learn how to play it on his or her own. Another plus I found is that there is an exam mode, so your kids can put their math skills to the test and see how much they’ve learned.

Although it didn’t happen to me, I noticed that some users reported a bug where the app freezes mid-game. However, there have been several updates since the last reported bug, so it seems like this issue may have been addressed. Again, I didn’t run into any issues, so hopefully, it is a thing of the past!

Math games for kids – More than multiplication tables

Another app I really like is Math games for kids. I found this to be a great choice for young kids that are just getting started at math. The neat thing about it is that your kids can learn more than just multiplication, as there are a variety of math lessons including addition, subtraction, and division. I found the game selection to be really varied, as there are bubble popping games, macaroon themed games, multiple choice questions, and more. Another plus I found is that you can create separate profiles for each of your kids, so you can follow their progress individually and learn the areas where they need to work on.

The only drawback I found is that Math games for kids only has time tables from 1 to 10. For higher level times tables, you might prefer my previous pick, Kids Multiplication Tables. However, if your kid is new to math, this is certainly a great pick!

10monkeys Multiplication – Themed games

Finally, my third pick is 10monkeys Multiplication. This was a last-minute discovery of mine, as I came across a site a few days ago that has a list of supposedly the best 10 times table apps. I ended up taking a quick look, and this one instantly caught my eye. They also had some other neat picks, so I’ll drop the link below in case you want to check it out yourself.

Top Multiplication Table Apps

The reason I really like 10monkeys Multiplication is that it truly feels like a game more than a learning tool. The monkey theme is integrated into every aspect of the app, including the main menu, animations, sound effects, and the 12 different game modes that are included in the game. I also like how scores earned in the game are ranked on a global leaderboard, adding an extra element of fun into the game. And, last but not least, I really liked how there are no in-game ads, so your kids can learn times tables without interruptions.

I did find that some of the games could be quite repetitive in terms of cycling through the same times tables. However, I figure that the repetition is intentional as it will ultimately help kids learn the tables better and faster. In any case, I found that the variety of game modes, sound effects, and animations keeps the games fun and exciting.


So, these are the 3 times tables apps that I liked the most. I ended up having my nephew try each one to see which one he liked best. His favorite is Kids Multiplication Tables, although 10monkeys Multiplication came in close. However, they are all really great games, so you can’t go wrong with either one. Whichever your choice, your kids will learn the times tables in no time!

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