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More and more people today are becoming interested in nutrition. When considering nutrition, we often think only of losing weight. Many of us have gone through endless books on nutrition and weight loss, which have only accomplished to confuse us with conflicting theories.

Although it was first published in 1987, Fit for Life is the best-selling health book in America. Authors Harvey and Marilyn Diamond are still showered with mail from gratified readers and followers. Fit for Life differs from any other program in  that it explains exactly what it is we are doing wrong and why we are doing it.

Fit For Life

Taking Pharmaceutical drugs, eating processed foods, having a sedentary job or going everywhere by car all cause an inactivity in certain physiological activities.With change, eating habits can not only bring a healthier life but a more productive one too.

The Diamonds preach the practice of integrative medicine.They believe a patient should not be treated as a person with a problem or a disease but as a person who needs help in balancing his or her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Fit for Life offers advice on what kind of diet we need to follow to avoid the need for physicians. Efficient food absorption and elimination gives the power to regain health or resist disease. Our systems of nutritional beliefs are targeted as unhealthy programming instilled by commercial interest representing milk, meat, candy and other industries. Our everyday meals are usually made up of foods processed by products causing incomplete digestion, forming toxic residue in our bodies.

Fit for Life views eggs as a poison. When eggs are cooked, the amino acids are lost and if eaten raw, you will consume arsenic fed to the hen to kill parasites. Fit for Life declares milk the most political food in America. The U.S. dairy industry is subsidized. In order to keep demand up and cut surplus, the Department of Agriculture launches million-dollar advertising campaigns to promote milk drinking and convince consumers to buy milk for its so-called health benefits. Enzymes in the human body necessary to break down and digest milk are all gone by the age of three. After that age one has no need for milk. It just doesn’t “do a body good.”

According to Fit for Life, the only effect eating meat has on health is its deterioration. By the time the meat reaches the plate, all proteins have been lost. It has now gained chemical treatment to keep it looking appetizing and to keep it from rotting. These chemicals include penicillin, tetracycline and even radioactive waste.

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Fit for Life uncovers truths about other nutrition myths, such as the one that states that a little wine with your dinner will help your digestion. The truth is that wine actually retards your digestion, but that is something the wine industries would not like us to know. The Diamonds go on to cover many more facts about the food industry which will forever make you think twice about what you put in your mouth.

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