4 tips how to have a good college life in Manipal

You hack for a good college life.

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Let’s be honest here. A good hostel life or some quality time travelling in budget are both great things. But the main reason people do come to Manipal is for the different colleges and the high standards of education that is offered by the University that is considered to be one of the best in the country. So despite of knowing that there are a million amazing and fun things you can do during your time in Manipal, you have to look at the reality – College is by far the most important aspect here. So, keeping that in mind, you must be wondering “How do I have a good college life?” Well, college life is a blend of college and personal life and a disruption in personal life will certainly affect your college life. Thus while college is really important, you need to keep in mind that other aspects of your life are also as important. It’s a fact that different disciplines requires different types of rigour. While some colleges are more into theory, some others might be offering you a more hands on approach to life. So there is no one formula that can properly be applied in all fields. However, certain tips are universal and will certainly help you overcome odds in Manipal and will enable you to enjoy a good college life. So let’s go check them out!


Tip  #1

Don’t be late for college on a regular basis 

Right now you might be thinking that being late is not going to be a problem. After all, you have to wake up for an amazing breakfast of Vadas and coffee at the Food Court, right? Wrong! No matter how hard you try, at some point you will be late. Maybe due to the rains, maybe due to a hectic but amazing trip from which you just returned the night before. However, this is common and everyone including the faculty is aware of these things. They will certainly cut you some slack. However, it will be tough for them as well to show mercy if you are a repeat offender and keep on being late over and over again. This not only shows a lack of discipline but also disturbs the class, so it is well within the professor’s rights to not allow latecomers, especially those doing it time and time over. So, set your alarm a few minutes beforehand and reach college on time! (Or atleast try your best to do so).


Tip #2


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I apologize in advance if I sound like your parents here. But this is something I learnt in the long run. Even though personally I still fail to keep this up on some days, the benefits of not skipping breakfast is absolutely immeasurable. This stands especially true in the case for Manipalites who has a lot of walking to do every day. If you are one of those people staying in Block 16/17, the uphill walk to the college itself has the potential to make you tired. Then the rest of the day will feel like a drag. A good breakfast can give you enough energy to combat this fatigue. Even though you might like canteen food more, not having to think about the MIT Canteen’s delicious puffs during class hours will also help you concentrate better on the class, which in turn will certainly help you retain more of the class better. Not even going into the part about how beneficial breakfast is for your body. Pretty sure you already got the lecture from your parents. And let’s be honest, the breakfast in the mess is quite good, so Yay! Bottomline – Do Not Skip Breakfast (DNSB – You can stick this poster on your hostel room).


Tip #3

Never hesitate to ask professors for doubts 

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This is an important tip that might be the backbone for a good college life. At the end, academics are the most important reason why you are here. Unlike home, you might not have private tutors here to help you with everything, giving you the luxury of not caring about what is happening in school. The professors at Manipal are all approachable and you should use that in your favor and try your best to learn everything you want to learn. It will benefit you a lot more than going back to the hostel and checking up the same class on YouTube. While the YouTube method of study might be good for retention, learning things directly from the professors face to face will certainly help you out a lot more. With better understanding of the subject comes better grades and with better grades more mental satisfaction, thus making your college life better. So always make the extra effort to learn whatever you can within the class instead of depending on others for it.


Tip #4

Join college clubs 

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A large part of how amazing college life can be in Manipal is owed to the different clubs that are present in campus. If you can think of a hobby, there is likely to be a club for it. While some of the clubs are run directly by different colleges of the University, some clubs are independent. This, however shouldn’t affect anything as they are all fun in their own rights. Meeting like-minded people through shared hobbies is always a wonderful thing. So don’t shy out. If there is a club for something you like, join it. You can leave whenever you want if you find that it’s not the right fit for you, so no need to worry about that! Have fun!


Tip #5 

Never hesitate to ask for help if you need it 

Manipal has really good resources all across if you ever need them. Be it physical or mental, always seek help if you feel like you need it. If peer help doesn’t work, it is better to seek help on a more professional level. From counselors to proper sessions with psychiatrists, to an entire hospital catering to all physical needs, Manipal gives you the opportunity to understand and treat yourself better. Utilize this to the fullest and always seek for help before you take any major decisions by yourself when you are not in a very good mental state. This will not just make your college life better, but will improve the overall quality of your life by a large extent as well. Stay safe and be happy, always approach others in times of need (You can make this your mantra)!


Bonus tip 

Never forget to take your umbrella with you wherever you go

yellow umbrella on surface of water at daytime

Very self explanatory. Be it peak summer or rains, having an umbrella on you can help you in many situations which you cannot even fathom till you have atleast spent one year in Manipal.


All in all, it can safely be said that Manipal is an amazing place. However, how amazing the Manipal experience will be for you in particular depends largely on how well you build your life here. So, with the tips in mind, I wish you all the best for building a good college life. Carpe Diem!


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