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Visit the website and find good advice and guidance about buying new and second-hand machinery, parts and machine tools.

High tech machinery has increased factory productivity over the years and new staff hiring has decreased. A healthy economy needs the manufacturing industry as it stimulates innovation.industrial

Factory jobs have become tradable on the international labour market and  tend to need low skills and compensate with low pay. Higher productivity is the manufacturers cry, and high-tech. machinery is replacing workers. Machinery must be maintained and therefore jobs are created but higher skills and technical knowledge is required. Today’s manufacturing workers need exacting skills, ability to use  machine tools and an understanding of manufacturing processes. Machines need to be repaired, updated, adapted and replaced.

Get guidance and advice about buying machinery, machine tools and parts.  MACH-TRADE deals in second-hand and new machine tools.

Machine accessories are supplied with the sold goods only when there is a written, price included agreement between buyer and seller.

  • Check which parts are included in the price.
  • Check that accessories required for the machine to run, if required, are included in the price
  • A written agreement that clearly states what is being bought or sold is necessary.
  • A written agreement is legally binding.
  • A seller cannot guarantee that a machine, accessories or parts can be adapted to suit a buyers needs.
  • All catalogue information and descriptions are non-binding.
  • A seller is allowed to recede from a confirmed order contract within 30 days of the contract’s date.
  • A buyer can claim back a deposit if goods are damaged.
  • The seller retains ownership of machines, parts and accessories until full payment of the agreed price is made.
  • The buyer must inform the seller where the goods are stored, without this information the contract can be suspended.
  •  Delivery and insurance is the buyer’s responsibility.Receive guidance and advice about buying and selling machines, machine parts, tools and accessories at
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