Give Another Try

Please don’t end it; please don’t cry

Just give it a thought, give another try.

Just share what u got there inside

There are still people who are by your side.

Life’s got more than a failure or heartbreak

Yes agreed that it’s neither a piece of cake.

But see the brighter side

And you – start being your own true guide.

Keep that child always there alive in you

Go out there, play; love the morning dew.

Stay alive, search for the small hidden joys

The way you loved playing as a kid with your toys.

Love yourself, live each day to the full

Don’t get weak or the thoughts let you be pulled.

Don’t end it, not the best way to say goodbye

Just give another shot, give another try.

About the Author: Harshit Goyal is an Aeronautical Engineering student at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal. He wrote this poem as part of an awareness against suicides, after hearing the painful news of a colleague in his college taking the extreme step.



  1. its certainly sad when a life is lost in an educational institution , all dreams of parents do come crashing down. Parents who work day and night in meeting both ends meet to provide quality education to their wards .. but alas , the ward takes the drastic step , in the heat of the moment. Yet the question remains can the establishment do something to sensitize and provide psychological support for first year students or other students who have been demoted due to failure in semesters ? Life is precious and can’t be lost in less than five seconds under gravity !! The poem summarizes the predicament of a life very aptly – give another try … but who should help in giving that another try – self, parents, friends or the establishment ?

    • True.. Actually it is kind of a social resonsibilty. Something which we all should try doing. Lending a helping hand to our friends, loved ones. Many times it’s a friend’s comforting talk or parents’ kind words and trust shown which help one gain the confidence and courage to battle the hard times. Similarly education shouldn’t just be encouraged as just getting decent grades. Parents and institutions have a great role to play there where they can help kids and the whole society realize that being a good human being is an important part as well.

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