Girls need to do it for themselves!

Do you believe in equality for women? When asked, most girls instantaneously say that they do, even as they are getting ready to be “taken out” on a date by a man who is going to pay for everything.

A lot of women are eager to say that they believe in equality, but do they really know what it means? Have they thought about what it means? Do they care. Are they just saying yes because they think it’s the right thing to say, when in reality  they are comfortable living the “helpless woman” lifestyle?

The “helpless woman” syndrome occurs when a woman thinks that she should be treated like a prima donna because of her sex.

On the other hand, there are women who do not fall into this category. They feel that they are able to be fully independent individuals by doing things that include: making a living, paying for their own dinners, and opening their own doors.Plastic women, eh?

Women who live the “helpless woman” lifestyle make it difficult for women who are struggling for equality because they make all women seem helpless.

If you have ever wondered why women, on the average, make less money than a man makes, you might look at it this way: when you go on a date, do you pay half or at least what you can afford to put in? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t complain, because you are getting a whole lot more than the 20 percent difference back on all of your free-dinner-plus-movie-nights.

Some girls say that they would rather remain one step below a man just so they don’t have to take any of the responsibilities traditionally handed down to men. They like appearing to be helpless women so that a man will feel obligated to take care of them.

We should feel sorry for this type of person, not because she is a woman, but because she is an individual human being who doesn’t have enough self-esteem or self-respect lo believe that she can take care of herself!

If women want to achieve equality they must slop and think about what equality really means. It’s so much more than equal pay and equal opportunity. It’s a lifestyle change. People should start behaving like individual human beings, and stop acting out the female and male gender roles given to them by a sexist society.

About the Author: Cheryl Diaz, is a second year medical student at the Goa Medical College. She is passionate about womens empowerment and is actively working to change the mindset of medical students and teachers towards this goal!


  1. You’re going to get ostracized by the female community for writing this, but nonetheless, truth. Admirable.

  2. great post! Hats off.. *stands and salutes*

    It is time for women to really stand up for their rights.. enough with being a delicate darling!

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