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Colleges have reopened and classes have started. Apart from studies and co-curricular activities, this is also the time to make new friends and expand your friends circle. During the time that a person spends in college, life revolves around his/her peer group. Acceptance in healthy and motivating groups is important for one’s well being. Some seem to be natural friend finders, but some others find it very difficult. Sometimes social boundaries like socio economic cultural differences act as a hindrance, and sometimes, the person’s insecurities about him/herself become the stumbling block.

The first and the most important step involved is to be friendly with others. The word friendly is very broad which encompasses a lot of traits. You don’t need to be an extrovert to become friendly. Don’t avoid gatherings and hangouts as these are the places where you will be exposed to new people. If you avoid mingling with people because of shyness and anticipated fear of rejection, you will in the long run experience loneliness which can impair your self esteem.

Be a good listener. Majority of us want people to listen to us, even though what we are saying is silly, we want to be heard. You need not be loud and good conversationalists to be good friends. Good listeners make better friends. We can all listen, so it is something you need not cultivate, but you need to improve the quality by becoming an active listener rather than becoming passive.

Be sensitive to other people’s needs and be helpful. It is impossible to not to be selfish in a competitive world, and you need not be too generous materially to gain friends. There are many gestures which are much friendlier. You can be there when others require support from friends. Sometimes a kind word can do much more than sharing all your notes!

We all have the qualities to be good friends. We only need to find them and put them to good use so that you will be remembered with love by your friends all throughout their lives. In the bargain, you will also gain a lot of memorable moments.

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