Fun Things to Do With Your Kids Indoors When the Weather Is Bad

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You cannot always predict the weather and plan a weekend full of outdoor adventures when the temperatures are low, especially if you care about your health. That being said, this doesn’t mean that a rainy or stormy day automatically transforms into Netflix binge-watching and chilling or reading a book while your kids fight over whose turn it is to use the Playstation.

Part of being a good parent is to make even the smallest and common things matter and turn them into positive experiences and memories. That being said, here is how to be creative and plan a fun afternoon with your kids indoors even when you’re not allowed to go outside.


Even the simplest chore such as cooking can turn into a bonding experience, no matter your kids’ age. Granted, your kitchen may look like a war scene after you’re done with it, but you will all have the satisfaction of eating something cooked by your hands. Plus, you won’t hear the usual complaints about it being too hot, too cold, too salty, or not spicy enough.

Bad weather or forced lockdowns are the perfect opportunities for cooking comfort food or, on the contrary, experimenting with new tastes or recipes. Whether it’s taco weekend, burger day, tortillas, enchiladas, or pasta, make sure to cook something your kids will love and may not be able to eat regularly.

If you’re feeling bold enough or your kids are young adults, you might want to consider spicing things up a little bit by adding a tequila shot to go with your Mexican night or a bottle of cold beer for those yummy burgers.

Turn chores into a prize contest

If you want to see your children cleaning their rooms and the living room like there is no tomorrow, try making it a competition between siblings with a very big prize.

You might have to take out of your pocket $50 or $100 or promise to buy them what they have been craving for but, on the other hand, you will finally be able to see the furniture in their rooms free from the piles of clothes, old pizza boxes, dirty socks, and instruments laying around.

In the rarest case where the money is not motivating enough (we are talking about kids or teenagers, right?), you can upgrade the big prize and let them play hooky for a day of their choice. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in late on a cold Monday morning when they also have a test in Biology?

Play music

If you or your children happen to play an instrument, a day indoors is the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills or, on the contrary, make a complete fool of yourself, while your kids are ashamed.

Acting like a cool dad or mom might feel cringy for teenagers, but we guarantee you everyone is going to have a good laugh at the end of the day. And, if you really want to make this experience relevant for their generation, why not put on some fake tattoos and those leather pants from the ’80s?

Connect your Ibanez guitar to that powerful amp from and make the windows vibrate as you channel all your rock energy. Allow your kids to accompany you by singing the lyrics, playing the drums, or going for a guitar solo. Sure, your neighbors might not be the happiest, but you will get to blow off some steam and spend a few quality hours jamming with the (not so) little ones.

Have a picnic

Who said picnics are canceled just because the weather is moody or you’re not allowed to go outside? A picnic in the living room is as good as one spent outdoors, as long as it has two key ingredients – yummy food and a blanket.

Prepare for your living room picnic just like you would do for any other outside adventure by putting inside the basket snacks, sandwiches, glasses, root beer, and a bottle of fancy wine for the adults. Don’t forget about dessert either and your phone to take some good pictures. Take off your shoes to “feel the grass” and watch the bad weather outside your windows.

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