Friendship at its Fiercest

What Friendship should be about

Find a friend who sees your soul,
Who takes your incomplete parts and makes them whole.
Find a friend who makes you smile through your tears,
Someone who helps you conquer your fears.

Look around you. How many people do you call your friends? Among those people, how many of them know the real you? How many of them would really be willing to sacrifice their needs if it meant your progress, in any small way? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. As we grow up, friendship is more about quality than quantity. And while you need people who help you let your hair down every once in a while, what you need more is someone who sees right through you and really understands you. Someone who knows what your strengths and flaws are, what mistakes you’re prone to making, someone who could literally plot out your thought process on a piece of paper if they needed to.

If you have those one or two people in your life, you are luckier than you can imagine. These people are treasures. Do not let them go. Do not drift apart. Do not let life get the better of you. Because real friendship is not about how drunk you can get together or how late you can stay out at night. Real friendship is about those friends who could plan breakfast with you, it’s about understanding and compromise and love. Real friendship is about someone knowing you better than you know yourself, without even thinking about judging you for it.

This kind of friendship is pure. This kind of friendship is productive. It’s not about competing with each other, it’s about growing together. These relationships have no room for jealousy or pride, as the bond is pure. And you’ll know who these friends are. You’ll just know.

There is no misunderstanding here. There are no fights. Because everything is about growing together. It’s about protecting each other from vulnerabilities and fixing each other’s mistakes. This is friendship in adulthood. This is maturity. Find yourself a friend like this. Surprisingly, it need not be someone who’s like you. It might be someone you least expected. Life is pretty funny that way. Everyone should have a friend like this. If you’re lucky, you might find two.

So know what you need in life, know who you want to be.
And find someone who understands you and your reality.
Find a friend who knows you, someone who helps you grow.
And if you have them, don’t ever let them go.

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